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Gender and Duality

By:Jen Eramith MA channelling from The Akashic Records
Date: Tue,12 May 2009

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Describe the divine feminine and the divine masculine. What are they? How are they found in being?

The divine feminine and the divine masculine are terms that people are talking about quite a lot these days. The most basic way you can understand them is to say that the divine feminine and the divine masculine are simply the pure form of energy for each end of the gender duality. We are going to back up and give a little history. When this world was formed, and throughout the Genesis of this world, the Spirits, Angels and Universal Beings who helped create this world set up energetic dualities of different sorts. That is part of what helped define the nature of this world as it was going to exist and it has come into existence. It is like they set up the playing field for the game. Some people say that human life is a game or just an experience. You can think of different dualities as creating the coordinates for the playing field just like the lions on a soccer field. You have the male/female duality, but you also have the dualities of up and down, good and bad, in and out, light and dark, lots and lots of dualities. Almost everything you think of as an opposite or opposing is of one of those divine or energetic dualities.

The male/female duality exists in everything just like the energy of up and down exists in everything in this world. They do not exist in everything outside of this world. In the universe, there are some places where the male/female duality is being used and worked with and there are some places where it does not have any place at all. It does not even make sense in some dimensions or in some places in the Universe. In this world, as long as you are a human being, that duality will always be part of the field of play. The divine feminine and the divine masculine exist in every human, every plant, animal, tabletop, every piece of dirt, every rock, they are part of the field of play. There is an energetic resonance of the divine feminine and the divine masculine in everything.

The divine masculine and feminine are what you might call the pure form of those energies. The pure expression of the opposing poles or opposites in what is otherwise a whole energy. When a human being has fully embraced their own divine feminine and their own divine masculine, then they are whole, closer to being enlightened and they are less broken or fragmented. Part of the way this game was set up was that most of you are born into being a male or female life. Part of the way that societies have reacted to that biological set up is that they have set up standards, norms and expectations for how biological males and biological females are treated and how they are expected to act and to react to the world around them. Every culture has different norms around a gender. It has always been the case that there have been some people who do not really fall on one side or the other biologically. Geneticists have examples for how some people have a genetic makeup that is not clearly male or female. It has always been the case that gender exists on a spectrum. Some people, both biologically and socially or energetically, are very, very male and some are very, very female. Many others are somewhere in between.

The fact is every human being has the energy of both the divine masculine and the divine feminine.

Part of the way the game is set up is that by being born into a body and into cultures that reinforce the differences between male and female, or they create and reinforce the differences, then you are left set up perfectly for the game of Enlightenment that begins with the game of duality. If you believe that you are female then you are female. What you are led to believe through your society is that being female inherently prevents you from having particular experiences and inherently leads you to having other kinds of experiences. Each of you has your own relationship with your gender identity. Some of you resist the ways that you are social. Norms have enforced gender upon you and some of you embrace it or feel perfectly comfortable with some of those norms. No matter where you fall here, it is fine provided that you not become willing to assume that every person falls into gender in the way that you do. This is true for every duality.

If you think of duality as the lines on a soccer field, you have a whole bunch of choices whether you stay in the lines or go outside the line, whether you jump up and down on top of the lines or try one side then the other side. The lines are there in order to give you a parameter in which to play. You always have the choice about what you do with those lines. As more and more human beings go through Enlightenment, the lines become less and less important. This is what is meant by the phrase, "Stepping outside of duality" or "Moving beyond duality through Enlightenment". It is not that duality no longer exists so that you are no longer beholden to it, but instead it is that as you move through Enlightenment, you take on the ability to move the lines according to your experience and according to what is in the highest interest for you and those around you. This ability to remove the lines or renegotiate the field of play has everything to do with your process in having embraced both ends in every duality within you. Embracing that you are both up and down and that you are both male and female. The divine masculine and divine feminine are simply the pure energy of each end of the gender pole, as they exist in every part of creation in this world.

You have personified these energies in the form of deities and this is very useful. It enables you to envision that energy and to interact with something that enables you to grow. It is vitally important for all of you that you seek an ascended version of your own divine masculine and feminine within yourselves. You will never find wholeness by trying to find someone else to carry part of your divine feminine or masculine. Your wholeness will come through truly embracing both within you.

What do the Keepers of the Records have to say about transgender people?

As previously mentioned, people carry both the divine feminine and the divine masculine within them. Throughout history there have always been people who both biologically and socially or energetically exist in the gray area between those two poles. The number of people who exist between those two poles who are both male and female, or you could also say neither male nor female, the number of those people is increasing on Planet Earth at this time. In part, the biological increase is based on the chemical changes on your planet that are creating genetic change on the purely physical level that increase is occurring. It is no coincidence, or there is a meaning in the coincidence between the chemical changes, that lead to those genetic changes and the energetic changes as more and more people move through Enlightenment, fewer and fewer of you are interested in living or starting out purely on one end or the other of the male/female duality. It is becoming much more stable for all of you to exist in your gender expression to exist somewhere between those two poles. It is no longer as tenable energetically or socially to slip into an extreme version of male or an extreme version of female.

As you move through Enlightenment, you must become your whole self. The way that gender is socially expressed is a form of limitation. If you believe that you are wholly female, your expectations for yourself are limited. How you might behave or react to a situation is guided by the limitations placed on how a female would socially react to a situation. This works the same way for males. Males and females are limited in opposing but equally extreme ways. Transgender people from the perspective of the records are just another variation of what it is to be human. It is yet another way to experience being human. It is a particularly interesting way to experience being human at this time on Planet Earth when every human being is engaged in the process of healing his or her gender duality. In some ways transgender people are offering a perspective that is meant to enlighten everyone. By considering the idea of transgender people and considering the possible experiences and truths of a transgender person. Every human being is able to benefit from the wisdom held in what occurs when someone is transgender. That wisdom being that it is possible to be both male and female. The other side of the coin is neither male nor female. Either way, they come by completely embracing yourself including the divine feminine and the divine masculine, as they exist within you. Transgender, as a whole, are offering all of you an opportunity to see things in a more enlightened way. Transgender people, like any other group of people as individuals, have their own paths and their own messages. That is the expression and message of transgender people, as they have always existed on Planet Earth and particularly as they exist now as you are all moving into the Age of Light.
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