A.I can only answer you so far as my knowledge permits me. Interpenetrating your world is another world of substance in a higher state of vibration to the one you sense. The universe is one stupendous whole, but you only appreciate what you see and hear and feel. Believe me, there are other worlds of substance, finer than physical matter, in which life exists and of which you on earth can form no conception. Connected with your earth is this world to which I came after what you call death. Encircling your world are planes of different density, and these move in rotation with the rotation of the earth.

A.Yes, it is very real to us, but the conditions in which we find ourselves depend on the condition of our mind. If we wish it we can be surrounded by beautiful country, Our mind plays a large part in our life here. Just as we live in surroundings suitable to our mental development, so we also attract to ourselves minds of the same type as our own. Like attracts like in this world. So also like attracts like so far as your world and our world are concerned. The evil-minded here are attracted by the evil-minded in your world, and the good here by the good with you. We can, at will, take on earth conditions by lowering our vibrations. Our bodies become heavier and more perceptible to the human eye, which accounts for our being seen at times by those who have the faculty on earth of sensing our vibrations.

A.The higher and more developed we become the less are we in touch with your world. The more development proceeds the less do we think of the earth. It is all a question of desire. We can come into contact with the earth conditions at will; if the will for doing so is absent then we do not return to you.

Think of a country-side with glens and hills. The rain falls, and gradually trickles down into small streams, which streams gather volume until they enter a brook, which brook in turn enters a river, which in turn enters a larger river and sweeps onward to the sea. Each individual can be compared to an atom in the raindrop. The atom retains form and individuality throughout the whole course, from the hill to the sea, and even in the sea is does not lose it's individuality. So with us, we move onwards and onwards, always retaining our individuality until we merge into the sea of full understanding, when we become part of the divinity.

A. Our world is not material, but it is real for all that, it is tangible, composed of substance in much higher state of vibration than the matter which makes up your world. Our minds can, therefore, play upon it in the a different way than yours can on the material of your world. As our mind is, so is our state. To the good their surroundings are beautiful, to the bad the reverse.

A.No, we do not live in a dream world. As I have said, we live in a real tangible world, though the atoms composing it differ from the atoms which made up your world. Our minds can act on this tangible substance in a way yours cannot do on your world. You live in a world of slower vibrations.

A.Everyone does, you do and so do I, but if you mean can each of us see and feel the same things, I answer, Yes. All in the same plane can sense the same things. We have the same world as you have, but in a finer state.

A,Yes, of course we touch and feel and enjoy all the sensations you do.

A.Yes, we eat and drink, but it is not what you mean by eating and drinking. To us it is a mental condition. We enjoy it mentally, not bodily as you do.

A.I have a body which is a duplicate of what I had on earth, the same hands, legs and feet, and they move the same as yours do. This etheric body I had on earth interpenetrated the physical body. The etheric is the real body and an exact duplicate of our earth body.

At death we just emerge from our flesh covering and continue our life in the etheric world, functioning by means of the etheric body just as we functioned on earth in the physical body. This etheric body is just as substantial to us now, as the physical body was to us when we lived on earth. We have the same sensations. When we touch an object we can feel it, when we look at something we can see it. Though our bodies are not material, as you understand the word, yet they have form and feature and expression. We move from place to place as you do, but much more quickly than you can.

A.Certainly it is. You bring your mind over here with you. You leave your physical brain on earth, Our mind here acts on our etheric brain and through it on our etheric body, just as your physical brain acts on your physical body.

A.All in the same plane can see and touch the same things. If we look at a field, it is a field to all who look at it. Everything is the same to those in the same condition of metal development. It is not a dream. Everything is real to us. We can sit down together and enjoy each other's company just as you can on earth. We have books and we can read them. We have the same feelings as you have. We can have a long walk in the country, and meet a friend whom we have not seen for a long time. We all smell the same aroma of the flowers and the fields as you do. We gather the flowers as you do.

All is tangible, but in a higher degree of beauty than anything on earth. Here we have no decay in flower or field as you have. Vegetable life just stops growing and disappears. It dematerialises.

There is a similarity here to what you call death, We call it transition. In time, as we develop sufficiently, we pass on to another plane from which it is not so easy to come back to earth, This we call the second death. Those who have passed through the second death can come back and visit us in our plane, but we cannot go to them until we have passed through it also. This is what your Bible calls the second death. Those who have passed through it do not often come and speak do you directly by materialising, as I am doing now; but they can pass their messages on to me, or someone in my plane, and we pass them on to you.

A.The spheres nearest the earth do so because we belong to this planet. We cannot see your world revolving in space, because we revolve with you. We cannot see your world until we take on earth conditions. In taking these on, we slow down our vibrations, and come through from one plane to another, until we get our vibrations down more to a level with those of which your world is composed. We can all come down, but we cannot go up beyond our own plane until we are prepared for the change.

A. It would make no difference to us, our world is quite independent in physical matter.

A.Now that is a question I find difficulty in answering. I have known no one who has. I passed over many years ago, and I have round about me those who lived thousands of years ago on earth. That is all I can say, because my knowledge does not permit me to say more.

A.Yes, sir, most emphatically yes, they do survive. No life becomes extinct, but they do not survive in the spirit world, as we term it. They have a spirit world of their own making. They do not exist in a spirit world as man exists. If, however, say a dog has affection for a human being it can get into his or her surroundings if both have left your earth.

A.Something similar, but much more beautiful.

A.Yes, that i correct. Earth titles mean nothing to us. As soon as those bearing them arrive here these prefixes are dropped, they are meaningless to us.

A.Our houses are just as we care to make them. Your earth houses first were conceived in your mind, and then physical matter was put together to make them as your mind first saw them. Here we have the power to mould etheric matter as we think. So our houses are also the products of our minds. We think and we construct. It is a question of thought vibration, and so long as we retain these vibrations we can hold the object, which during this time is objective to our senses.

A.There are various earth languages spoken here, such as English, French and German, but they are conveyed from mind to mind mentally. Communication takes place mentally from one to another, not only by the spoken word as on earth. This is just as if I were to say that the mind of the spirit gets into telepathic touch with the mind with which he is communicating.

A.If we feel we want rest we can get subdued light; not so subdued as you understand it, but sufficient to enable us to rest. We have no night here as you would understand night. We get out light from the source of all light, but I cannot continue further tonight as the power has gone, so good-night, and may the light that lightens all darkness lead you into the light you are so earnestly seeking.

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