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By:Derek Murray
Date: Sun,12 Feb 2012

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Mediumship was my first book and was written for Kindle as a guide to help anyone who wants to develop his or her psychic abilities.
Through The Eyes of a Medium, was another guide but as the title indicates taken from my standpoint.
Trapped between the two Worlds is about the rescue work done by a small circle in Worcestershire.
Trapped is a shorter version of Trapped between the two Worlds.

This article is the basis for a new work on Protection. In my work as a Medium I’ve come across many who have wanted help, thinking they have been under psychic attack. I’ve also helped others who didn’t realize that their exhaustion was due to an attachment. The more I looked at this issue I realized that I needed to produce a work that takes a closer look at Mediumistic ability, but this time covering areas that even the experienced medium or psychic would find interesting.

So here I sit ready to start but before I do I need to clarify one major point not every one is mentally stable. There are a number of illnesses that manifest them selves in ways that mimic mediumistic abilities and spirit attachment. Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that manifests itself in hallucinations. If you’ve seen the film “A Beautiful Mind” released in 2001 based on the Nobel Prize winner John Nash. You will remember that John Nash was never alone and constantly had three phantom characters with him. Our minds are incredibly powerful yet fragile. I am sure that some people who are thought to be suffering from this devastating illness are under psychic attack, while the reverse may also be the case, and some who believe they are under attack are in fact suffering some form of Schizophrenia.

For £36.99 you can buy a set of amazing crystals in a genuine Chinese purse, the crystals have been cleansed and programmed for psychic defence. The set comes in a cellophane packet with all the crystals listed on the back with a short explanation on how to care for them together with full instructions. The crystals are then listed with their uses. The Laser Quartz Removes entities, spirit attachments and cleanses the crown chakra. The Angeute crystal draws upon the protection of the angelic realms, cleanses the throat chakra, then the Amethyst protects you and cleanses your brow chakra. The Black Tourmaline protects and returns the unwanted energy to it's source and cleanses the root chakra. Carnelian reenergizes you following attack. Cleanses the sacral chakra. The Emerald breaks enchantments or spells that others may have directed at you and cleanses the heart chakra. Labradolite draws light towards you and removes unwanted energies from your aura. Selenite removes unwanted energies form the aura and repairs it against future attack. Smokey Quartz keeps you grounded during your healing session and protects during healing and finally the tiger-eye removes negative thought patterns and cleanses the solar plexus.

Now before you rush out to bye them, please read on. There have been many people around the globe that have bought these crystals or something similar and most if not all think they work really well, rather like the elephant-scaring device I have in my back garden. The fact that I live in Worcestershire England has nothing to do with it. If I were to take it away, as sure as eggs are eggs an elephant would show up.

Some people see protection as a vital component if you work or get involve in the world of spirit, while others take no protection what so ever. There are those who think its better to do something rather than run the risk of getting into trouble. So what would happen if you didn’t protect yourself? Well one theory is that you could be overtaken by a negative energy. As a Medium or Psychic you could be working with an entity that is not even aware that they are dead. You will not only come into contact with spirit that will drain you but those in the physical world can as well. Some will draw on your energy unintentionally while others know exactly what they are doing. Mediums open themselves to intense emotion and this alone can become draining. Working between the worlds can make you exhausted or even ill if you let it. This work can be telling both physically and emotionally. If you climbed into your car to take a short journey do you put your seatbelt on? You don’t expect to have an accident but isn’t it better to be safe than sorry. Hear are a few examples of how some protect and shield themselves, but this is just a small selection for there are many more. Every practitioner will have his or her own method or variation.

THE BUBBLE - Visualize a bubble floating in front of you, gently bring it closer so you can?step into it. ?This bubble can’t be penetrated by anything other than love. Negative energy can’t get through to you. You will be warned many times not to let gaps appear in the shield.
MIRRORS - Surround yourself with mirrors, and as before leaving no gaps, make sure your completely covered. Any negative energy is reflected back to the person or entity sending it.
SHIELD OF LIGHT – Imagine a ring of pure white light about six inches over the head. You can put a symbol within the circle such as a cross. Then draw the light down over your body creating a protective sheath of shining white light that encapsulates your whole body. The light sheath needs to be joined under the feet and over the head.
THE CLOAK – Throw the cloak of protection over you completely not just over your shoulders but rather like Harry Potters cloak of invisibility, making sure that no part of you can be seen from outside.
ORB OF LIGHT?– Imagine an orb of light hovering about ten inches above your head, sending out rays of light.
SUIT OF ARMOUR – You need to visualise yourself protected by a shining suit of polished silver, this lets nothing penetrate but love as all negativity is reflected.
COLOUR DEFENCES – Imagine yourself surrounded with swirling colours of white, silver or gold light. Let these colours cling to your body then keep them about a foot away keeping you totally encapsulated.
PULSATING LIGHT DEFENCE – Imagine your whole body pulsating an intense white or blue light. Then imagine these being transmitted outward from your body. Continue concentrating on sending pulses out as rapidly and strongly as you can. ?
CRYSTALS – Tape a black Tourmaline Crystal to your solar plexus, this is supposed to send negative energy back, leaving you free to work. This is said to stop fear, anxiety, and panic instantly. Only use a cleansed crystal. Laying the crystal out overnight in the garden under the light of a full moon will do this.
RUNNING WATER – You could use running water because water is the vehicle of purification. It is used in the rite of baptism. There should be a trace of salt in the water. Or you could go the whole hog and immerse yourself completely making sure it’s been consecrated for the purpose. You should dress yourself in clean cloths after bathing.
Many will also tell you all these actions should be followed by a prayer, followed by a Meditation, focused on high qualities such is peace, harmony and the love of God.

All these actions reinforce the belief that you are protected. This gives you faith and an inner strength that will make your ability strong. Rituals further help as the action creates the belief that your shield is invincible. You can see that the words visualise and imagine crop up quite a lot, being able to visualise using your mind to create a positive attitude letting the energy flow from your very being. Some Mediums will tell you that they don’t bother with protection because their guides are always there to keep them safe. Whatever system or ritual you wish to use is up to you, one mans meat is another mans poison but you must feel comfortable using it. For my part, I know that I am a spirit, inhabiting a bio mechanical body made of bone and sinew that is powered by the best computer in the world, and even if my body may falter nothing can harm the real me, the spirit me. I am human and therefore flawed. If I were to become frightened by the work I do, I would soon become overwhelmed by the emotions and feelings from negative energies or disembodied spirits that I am confronted with on a regular basis. Protection is important because you need to make sure that you are in control. Not all spirits act lovingly, some haven’t completed their journey from this life to the next and may not even realise they have died. I have known some who have been very abusive.

There are those who work in this genre who believe that spirit is all loving and that no harm can befall you but my experience tells of something different. When death meats us, we don’t instantly grow wings and become all knowing, your personality doesn’t change, your ego still lingers. Some of us are kind and thoughtful others are less so and some are downright nasty, that’s human nature. We are all different, and death doesn’t change that. Books have been written about Spirit protection and there are more to be scribed, you know what is right and what’s not. Trust that small voice within you, intuition is something we all have, only some of us don’t pay heed to it.

What do I mean by spirit attachment? Now just imagine for a moment the you’re a grumpy old sod, I know its hard but try. Picture yourself taking your last breath. Then bang, there you are standing above your body. You never had faith or a belief in life after death, but there you are looking exactly the same, you feel the same but even worse is the fact that all the people now fussing around completely ignore you. You shout at them then it dawns on you that they don’t know you exist. You wander from place to place visiting the areas where you feel save but your anger and pain don’t subside. You visit people you knew but they have no idea you are there. You find that you can travel within the blink of an eye, and all you need to do is think of a person or a place and the next second you’re there. Over time you become accustomed to the way you feel and how you react with your surroundings. Then one day you come across someone that seemed to notice you even though it was for a second or two. So what do you do continue wandering around? Well I wouldn’t particularly if I had just found someone to interact with. So you stay close and when they sleep at night you realise that you can connect with them a little better. Soon you find you can feel their emotions, you gain confidence and enjoy the kick you get from being in their company. This maybe okay for the spirit but it’s not good for the individual on the receiving end, they will be picking up on emotions and thoughts that are not their own.

You can understand how a disembodied spirit would react when they come across someone who is receptive. They become inquisitive and may even feel contented. When a connection is made you may feel emotional, but the emotions may not be your own. Feelings and emotions are shared, it’s not intentional but it happens. Can a spirit takeover the body of a living person? Exorcisms are still performed, so there must be some people who think it can. Also one of the Mediumistic abilities is called trance (and we will tackle that in detail later.) This is when the medium lets the spirit use their body and therefore allowing direct communication to take place. I have witnessed deep trance mediumship and light trance or shadowing as it’s sometimes called and have found it fascinating. However some people suffer with dissociative identity disorder (DED). This is when a person displays multiple distinct identities, each one perceiving and interacting with the environment. This is classed as a psychiatric condition and a mental illness. A number of studies have been undertaken comparing this condition to mediumistic ability and some of the studies show some interesting results. Could there be a connection? The mind is a very powerful piece of equipment the biological computer that we only ever use a fraction of.

Exorcism has been going on for eons it’s the act of driving out evil spirits. The ancient Babylonians, Egyptians and shamans would enter an altered state in order to discover the spirit that was causing sickness and command it out. Using rituals and prayers to expel the spirit from the person. The Church of Rome and other Christian based religions still perform exorcisms although it’s less practiced now. The signs of possession from the Roman Ritual of Exorcism are written as follows: Firstly the victim speaks or understands unknown languages without prior knowledge. Secondly that they know things that are distant or hidden, also that the victim can predicts the future. They must show an intense hatred for holy things and finally they must show physical strength far above their normal condition.

As a practicing Medium I don’t completely hold with the notion of hell or the casting out of evil, would you not say, that an entity in pain and torment could do with help rather than being cast out? I have a problem with the notion of hell, to think of a place where all evil is sent is abhorrent to me. In this day and age many do not believe in possession and some are afraid to think it can occur.

Even today there are those who undertake the ritual of exorcism. I use the term ritual because that’s exactly what it is, the actions must be undertaken in order and with precision, in the belief that if the correct steps are taken the entity will be driven back to whence it came. The priests undertaking this work need a strong faith and you couldn’t but be impressed with their conviction. They feel fully protected due to their faith in their God and the divine act. The Christian church states that possession can occur through proximity to Evil Places or Persons, Unfortunately further comment is made, by stating that attending spiritualistic sessions and card readers’ fall into this category. The fact remains a strong belief is still held by many that demonic possession is the work of the Devil. I hope that the established Christian church can one day see that what Mediums do is in no way evil but should be embraced.

You need to be strong in your commitment and have faith in your ability. Rituals and visualisation help you build your perception of protection. I know that I am protected by the strongest element of all, stronger than faith or hope. I’m protected by love. Unconditional love cannot be broken or destroyed and is the strongest protection you could ever wish for. That’s my way, and I will explain my method in detail later. Please experiment with different methods, ask other Mediums how they protect themselves. They will answer all your questions because they understand the nature of working with spirit. You need to be comfortable with the method you use, don’t feel you need to follow a particular method. When you understand the many systems that are used, you will realise that the truth is simpler than you think.

I run an open circle for a Spiritualist church in Worcester and because anyone can come along, you would not be surprised to know that sometimes people attend who have an issue relating to spirit attachment. When this happens I have a general rule, that I will help, firstly because you don’t want any disruption during the Circle and secondly because it’s of interest to the rest of the group, some turn up because they are inquisitive while others are trying to develop their abilities. But for whatever reason they all need to understand what can happen if you take this road in ignorance. This path is not for everyone. If it makes you uneasy or it doesn’t feel quite right, don’t do it!

Most religions use prayer, as a way of obtaining protection. The action of prayer or talking to a deity or godhead is an everyday occurrence to some but not all. The Christian lords prayer incorporates the phrase “Deliver us from evil” and the Islamic prayer for protection has in it the following: “O God I seek refuge in you from the evil in myself and every creature that you have given power over us.” The process of prayer is no more than talking to the divine. Again I state that I do not intend to cause offence to any belief system you hold, but the act of praying reinforces the conscious and subconscious.

Before I start working with groups or with individuals, I say a prayer, some times out aloud, sometimes in my mind but I always say it. The words I use help to reinforce my mind-set. The phrase I place in the prayer takes the following form:
“Devine spirit, surround me with the white light of love and divine protection.” This is the only practice I use but you on the other hand may not want to use any type of ritual. Always remember it’s what you think works for you. I am comfortable with this custom and I think it works for me. Before we move on, I feel that I should highlight a few points.

Whatever you visualised will influence the spirits perception. So when a malevolent spirit comes into your area instead of seeing someone vulnerable and unsure they should see a powerful light emanating from your core. That combine with a feeling of unconditional love, creates a powerful protective environment in which to work. Your main enemy will be fear, eliminating this element should be your first priority. If you can get rid of fear every thing else will fall into place, but if you start to be concerned or fearful you will create an environment where the lost spirit could try to take advantage. The main points are:

Eliminate fear
Strong visualisation
Emanate unconditional love

If you can master those three you would have built a solid foundation on which to build your mediumistic skills. Self-protection can’t be a bad thing, creating a safe area around your body keeping out unwanted emotions and thoughts while preventing energy loss. I hope those of you who already work with spirit will use this to reinforce what you currently do, if it’s not broken don’t try to fix it. Okay so you may want to try something new for once, or tweak what you already do. What works for one may not work for another and you need to feel comfortable with what you do?
Some Mediums work with guides and helpers, with energies that haven’t progressed to a high level. I will recount an incident that happened when I attended a circle. This was in the days when I had just started and I was trying to find my feet. The lady running the circle, seemed very positive a kept referring to her guides, talking to them as if they were standing just behind her. A man who had been going to this circle for a few weeks was sitting relaxed in his chair with his legs outstretched.
“Sit up straight and uncross your legs.” She snapped. He tried to explain that he was more comfortable in the position he was in but she snapped again. I could sense his embarrassment so I spoke up “Come on mate go easy on him!” Why I used the term mate at the time didn’t dawn on me seeing as I was addressing a lady, but she instantly turned on me and hissed each word slowly through her teeth. “I am no mate of yours.” It wasn’t her voice it was the voice of a man. Her eyes were wide and piercing, then instantly she turned back to the circle and continued working as if nothing had happened. The man excused himself and left the circle but I stayed, because I was intrigued to discover what had exactly happened. The lady who was taking the circle spoke to me afterwards and from the conversation I am nearly certain that she had no idea that the incident had happened. Although I try not to criticize my fellow Mediums, some run the risk of getting into deep trouble, one medium I know was working when he channelled an old man. His voice faltered as panic set in, he was incontinent and didn’t like being in that state. While the evening finished okay, the Medium hasn’t worked the platform since, and now only undertakes telephone readings. It’s a shame because he could by now be working at a high level. Still, who knows what’s around the corner?

Just assume that you have been asked to collect a package from a man you have never seen before, and his flat is located in a part of town that to say the least has a reputation of being rough. You would automatically try to make sure you took every precaution. Well the work a medium undertakes is no different. I bet most if not all of us have some form of Internet security, the same applies to working with spirit, make sure you take every safeguard. Have confidence and a positive attitude, Visualise your own system for protection. All your actions should be non-judgmental as you emanate unconditional love. Eliminate all concerns and fear. Sounds easy and it is. It’s your mind-set that protects you. How you achieve that mind-set is up to you.

I have heard many Mediums state that they don’t need protection as their guides keep them safe. When I started to work as a medium I was sure I had a guide who was there to protect and keep me on the right path, but it wasn’t till after about ten years I found out she was a trapped soul. She never did harm she was just waiting. The following is taken from my journal and earlier book Trapped.

She appeared so may times over the years, always dressed immaculately in a white kimono, holding two short swords with the handles towards me, as if offering them to me. The young Japanese lady nearly always held her gaze down. Each time she appeared she would offer me both swords. I had always believed her to be a guide and helper, but I was mistaken, she was a Yurie. I know this now but back then I was happy in my ignorance. A Yurie is a spirit from Japanese folklore. They are commonly thought to be spirits kept from a peaceful afterlife. They are usually dressed in white, the colour of ritual purity, traditionally reserved for priests and the dead. Often she would pop up in a meditation, offering me both swords and smiling. The short swords looked like the sai. The sai is typically used in pairs, one in each hand. If I had researched what I had seen, I think I would have come to the correct conclusion sooner. However as soon as the penny dropped, I took some time out to sit quietly alone, and open myself. Immediately she appeared. I welcomed her, asking her to sit and take tea. I visualised a charming Teahouse and gestured that we should go inside. The structure was traditional with open sides. We sat opposite each other a simple block of timber acting as a low table placed between us. One of the first things I changed was her kimono, I altered its look, making the white less prominent by adding a pattern of large red flowers, and then I started to change the teahouse by making it brighter. We sat not speaking which was not unusual for we never spoke. I knew that she was happy with what I was doing, so I continued. I surrounded the Teahouse with a pretty Japanese garden and continued to make the surroundings more colourful. Then I constructed some distant hills and mountains with snow capped peeks. Looking at her again I noticed that now placed in her hair was a red flower and she looked more radiant than usual. I continued to construct a meandering path leading from the teahouse where we knelt, to the far side of the garden. Then gradually an arched bridge appeared and at the centre stood a man in traditional costume, although he was some way in the distance you could tell he was a man of standing. I directed her attention to the pathway and the person waiting, but her gaze was all ready fixed in that direction. The look said it all, as usual words were never needed. She slowly rose making her way to the path. Her movement was purposeful but graceful. Making her way along the path towards the bridge. She briefly stopped, waved smiled, and then continued to walk on, never looking back again. She was greeted and passed out of site. The picture in my mind slowly dissolved. I felt a little sad, for I knew I would miss her. She had become attached to me and I to her. I knew she was now where she needed to be, in a place where she could progress. Rescue work is something I do when the need arises and that was one of those times. So again I stress that this type of work needs to be taken using every precaution. Yes guides and helpers are always with you, assisting you in every way, but you need them to be competent. Would you get into a high-powered sports car if the driver hadn’t passed their test?

When I say my opening prayer I also aske for the highest possible help. Some mediums are under the assumption that the world of spirit is all light and love, and nothing harmful can ever happen but I think there is a place between this material world and the world of spirit, a sort of no-mans-land. This is where those who haven’t made the transition from this world to the next can become trapped. This is where they enact all their fears, hopes and dreams. They create the environment in which they exist. So when you come across them or they come across you, a connection is made, feelings and thoughts are shared. Therefore whatever you feel they feel, they see what you see and vice versa. They are sensing what you project or visualise. So when the connection is made the trapped entity needs to see you as nonthreatening, they will also pick up the protection you have created. If you believe you are protected that is what they will also believe. Now I have mentioned rescue work and many Mediums would throw a fit, but you should be aware of that type of situation and know how to either deal with it or ovoid it.

To make sure you are well protected you need to know how to ground yourself. Grounding as the word suggests means bring in yourself back to the earth, locking yourself to the world you inhabit, closing yourself down is very important, for if you leave your self open all the time, you run the risk of becoming drained. You need to close down your energy centres and anchor yourself firmly to the material plane bringing your energy to this dimension.

You can use many methods to achieve this but one that I use goes as follows: In your minds eye you can see a lift. You need to visualise the doors in detail and the call button. Press the button for down and as the lift doors open you notice that the lift itself is constructed of crystal. You enter and press the button for the ground floor. As you descend the walls of the lift change colour. The colour starts with a bright white light moving to purple then blue, green, yellow, orange and finally to red. If you could go through the colour spectrum in more detail it would help. As you move from one colour visualise it permeating you very being. Once you have reached Red you are at the bottom. Press the lift doors to open and you should now be aware of the physical world around you. You could follow that with a second method if you feel it’s needed. Another one goes as follows: From a standing or sitting position visualise roots coming from the soles of your feet and the base of your spine. Just as if you’re a well-planted tree, you can feel your roots penetrating right through the soil and deep into the earth’s crust to the centre of the world. Now draw energy from the earth as you breathe in, visualise the energy being drawn up through your roots and entering your body. Then as you exhale envisage any negativity you have leaving you. There are other methods but I find those more that enough. After closing you need to do something physical like going for a long run that’s if you young and fit enough. I know it seems a little strange talking about grounding before we have really started but it is important to know how to close down before opening.

Later when I run through how to open yourself we’ll discuss your energy centres although I myself believe it’s much simpler than most people think. Protection and self defence sounds a little harsh, but you need to understand how to look after yourself when things don’t go exactly to plan. One fact you need to keep in mind is that you are in control. When a friend of mine started learning she felt oppressed, she thought that someone was standing behind her. She didn’t feel in control, but the solution was simple, she just told them to stand back, explaining how she felt, this worked a treat. What if the entity was malevolent, what to do then? If an evil looking stranger demanded to come into your home what would you do? I hope you’d call for help and shut the door preventing them from getting in. Don’t be concerned about offending an advanced spirit by shutting down. If you ever feel that things are getting out of control or uncomfortable just ground yourself, and end the connection. You have nothing to fear. An advanced spirit that has crossed over fully will act in a sympathetic way and would never be offended if the connection were severed. They would never wish to put the Medium in a position that would make them uncomfortable.

A spirit that has become attached to the earth and not fully crossed will act confused or aggressively. They may even be demanding. As feelings and emotions are shared you will know what sort of connection you have. Death is something that cannot be avoided, you can prolong life but that’s all, when that final breath comes the personality doesn’t change. You don’t get issued with a golden harp or a ticket to sit on a fluffy cloud. Neither do you get thrown into the fires of hell, to suffer for eternity, that’s not how it works. Firstly your personality doesn’t alter, if you’re a miserable bastard now you will still be miserable on the other side. I firmly believe that if all goes well someone will be waiting for us on the other side, their task is to look after us, but sometimes things go wrong, we live in a world that is so screwed-up that its not surprising that so many don’t progress. They could be hindered by fear, guilt, anger and many other reasons. This makes protecting your self a bit of a priority. How many of those who go on ghost hunt weekends protect themselves? There are also many experimenting, if you take risks you need to understand that things can some times go wrong. Lets hypothesize. You feel tired and can’t get to sleep. Most nights when your head hits the pillow, nasty thoughts pass through your mind. You know that something isn’t right but cant put your finger on it. You feel frightened and you keep thinking of things that you can’t relate to. Panic is never far away and even during the day you can’t seem to settle. It may be that those feelings aren’t yours, you may even feel unwell or pain in a particular area. From all the millions of people dying I bet that a few don’t quite make it. If you have dabbled and thrown caution to the wind this could be one of those times when you need to take action. An attack can take many forms and the symptoms can be varied.
? Acting out of character
? Changes in behaviour
? A loss of memory
? Major changes in clarity of thinking or analytical ability
? Fatigue for no apparent reason
? A drained feeling
? Hearing voices
? Recurrent or frequent nightmares
? Feeling someone is watching you
? A loss of self-confidence
? A sudden loss of energy
? Feeling someone touch you
? Sensing a presence
? Sudden depression
? Visions or hallucinations
? Irrational fear, anger or sorrow
The list could go on. Self-defence is one thing but dealing with this sort of situation by yourself can be tricky, not impossible just tricky, so if you have any doubts, ask for help. Any uncertainty would be picked up, so if you think you need it ask.
There are those around who work in this field, and if they ask for anything other than expenses don’t use them. Some practitioners employ rituals using incense and clapping, bell book and candle stuff. These reinforce the subconscious. There is so much crap talked about this subject but because in essence you are already spirit with one fundamental difference, you are connected to your physical body. Nothing can harm the real you, the spirit you.

So what do you do if an entity is attracted to you, and will not go away? Even the strongest connection can be severed and you can break it at any time, it takes two to tango but at this stage try to keep the connection going. Firstly ask for the highest possible help in this task, then employ any protection visualisation you feel comfortable with, tell them that you are doing this because you need to take care of yourself. Explain that what you are doing is not going to affect them in a negative way in fact it should help them. At this stage don’t push them away, now give your full attention to what you are doing. You can sit lie or stand it makes no difference but make sure you are relaxed. Acknowledge them and ask them to move in front of you. Now this is where visualisation plays such a key role, for what ever you visualise they will perceive. Even if you see nothing, imagine that you can make out the entity as a dark shape standing in front of you, then start to weave a glowing orb of protection around them, tell them that you provide this with love and it’s their shield. When you have finished weaving the orb of light, ask for the highest help to come forward. Ask them to take care of this soul in need of guidance. Then visualise two figures coming to take care the entity, they will carry the spirit within the orb away, leaving you free to move on. They may walk away or just fade but you will feel the oppression lift as soon as they’ve gone. Now close down as quickly as you can. This simple exercise should work well. It’s better to protect yourself in the first place, that to go through the problems that an attachment can give.

Knowledge and experience is important we all learn by our mistakes, and I’ve made a few, and so will you. As you develop your abilities you will find certain systems work well whilst others don’t feel right, there is no right or wrong way of working. If someone tells you that their system is the only one that you should use they don’t fully grasp the nature of it.

The main stumbling block is your own fear, this you need to guard against most. You are indestructible, well the real you is. The real you, the one that operates the computer that controls your physical body not the software that facilitates the neuron pathways and not the soft tissue of your brain, but you, the real you, the one who has existed for ever and who will go on for eternity. You are spirit and nothing can harm you. Okay the mind can develop a fault, and all our bodies will at some time need some attention. Sickness in the body and mind affect the physical part of us but not our spirit. But this doesn’t mean that we can neglect our bodies as for now your body is the vehicle that you use to experience and learn.

I have helped many since I started working as a medium and found the work very rewarding. I have often wondered how many mental health issues are caused by lost souls becoming attached. I hope someday science will take a closer look at this subject then maybe mankind could take a leap forward.


Psychic attack is different to an entity attachment. Psychic attack is when someone is directing negative thoughts. They could be doing this either consciously or unconsciously. These negative thought patterns can have an effect. We’ve all felt it, you go to a function or start a new job and on your first day someone makes you feel uneasy. You know they’re not happy, if you could just curl up in a ball and disappear you would. How many times have you felt that? I know someone who left her job for this very reason. So even at a basic level this type of attack can cause some level of disruption and sometimes even physical illness.

The range of methods used for protecting against psychic attack are enormous, you could use the same visualization techniques mentioned earlier, incorporate ritual or wear a amulet, but unlike a spirit attachment this time you are dealing with an entity that is very much in the physical world. They are not sharing your thoughts and feelings. Just consider that you are under attack from someone right now, at this very moment. We haven’t a clue as to how these feelings are being transmitted, but they are. So if we are sensing then the opposite should also be possible. We should be able to transmit feelings back. People are weird, there’s no other way to put it. We can’t help it, its’ just the way we are. Accept this person and their weirdness, acknowledge them for who they are, but Instead of reflecting the same type of thoughts back send thoughts of kindness. If you were to protect yourself by visualizing a shield of mirrors reflecting the negativity this could aggravate the situation. By sending kind thoughts back you should be creating a calming effect. Remember nothing can hurt the real you. Visualize light and love, shining from within, and then make it brighter and more powerful than the dark negativity.
All protection comes from within so to withstand this type of attack you need to have a solid foundation. Firstly remember there are no rules. Secondly you are more powerful than you think, don’t put limitations on yourself. Thirdly don’t be so sensitive. Because of the direction you have chosen your natural tendency is to be sensitive. Making a connection between this world and the next demands it, but in this situation that works against you. We all have a desire to be liked but you know the old saying. “You can’t please all the people all the time.”
You most probably already know or may have seen the aura, the field of energy that surrounds your physical body. It is a fact that some think a psychic attack can attach its self to your aura. One of my friends sees auras easily, while others like me don’t. Just because I have never seen an aura I wouldn’t discount their existence, some have a belief that the aura reflects the physical state. Discoloration or have a spiky edge to your aura would indicate an illness.
I don’t concern myself with the aura as I think it’s a distraction. The existence of the aura neither helps nor hinders, I have no doubt that someday science will answer the question. But for this exercise just assume you can see the aura. Now imagine that you are in front of a mirror and you can see the negativity that has been attached. You can see it as plain as day so you know its there and you need to get rid of it. If you were too simple brush it off, where would it go? You don’t want it floating about only to get attached again, you need to do something more permanent. Negativity exists if it didn’t you wouldn’t have the positive. The two opposing elements coexist. So from your core visualize a bright white light radiating through your body touching the outer wall of you aura. Make this positive energy envelop the negative. Make the light emanating from your core so bright the darkness can no longer exist.
Many cultures have a belief that curses can have an adverse effect, take the example of the Voodoo doll, there is also a voodoo doll-binding spell to stop anyone doing you harm. The level of conviction used in these rituals is quite astounding. Science has undertaken many studies in to the effective use of the placebo and the amazing results it can sometimes deliver. How powerful the mind is!
In discussing protection are we encouraging negativity to manifest itself? I think not I see it as opening awareness, better to go in with your eyes open than to act in ignorance.
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Thanks Derek, this is a wonderful source of information. Sometimes blogs are too long to read at one sitting. This is one of those blogs I need to print out and just read slowly. For anyone cruising through articles- please take the time to read Derek's article. It's one of those little treasures that we so often miss in hurrying off to skim the next title.
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