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Russell by Gwen Byrne Materialisation of Dead Son

By:Gwen Byrne
Date: Tue,16 Jan 2007

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From her book "Russell" Gwen Byrne describes her 'dead' sons
first materialization through materialization medium Rita Goold.

To purchase this incredible book please visit the website below:
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To listen to audio of radio interviews and seances click this link:Listen to Audio

An extract from the book:

Earlier I spoke of Russell waving a torch about which had a red sock over the lit end. This was no game, although it would seem so to some of my readers. As the medium did not use a cabinet, it was the torch plus the energy that enabled me to see Russell fully materialize. I do not intend to explain the 'energy', for this explanation is beyond my capacity. Suffice it to say that that 'energy' and Russell, plus his torch, achieved this. 'Watch Mum. I will show you all of me!' And he did. The torch was just an ordinary torch, believe me. He started by showing his feet, which were bare?the familiar knees. So familiar to me as I remembered?like any other mother would?the number of times I had scrubbed them. He wore little shorts and a T-shirt. His dear familiar hands with their square nails, just like his daddy. Then up to his face. So beautiful! A spirit child is so lovely one's mind or voice finds it hard to convey a description. I can only say that it was just as I had known it. There he stood in all his glory! Hair?spiky as always. Eyes?so, so blue?which looked into mine with the love that only a son can share with his mother. How can I explain further? He then took my hand and I was allowed to feel his hair with its familiar cowlick flopping over his dear sweet face. Freckles too, all over his nose. As I have already said, I cannot explain this 'energy', but will leave it to the experts in that particular field. Also, I will not try and describe my feelings at that moment as they are mine only, and now a very precious memory.

As I have said, I had previously seen parts of Russell at various times, but was now given the wonder of the sight of the whole of him. No amount of words can fully explain my feelings and emotions then?or now, when I remember it?so I will leave it there.

From the book 'Russell' - Russell's own narration of his death experience through medium Deborah Moore.

Hello Mum. It's me. It's Russell. (Laughter here). I'm here with the story I have long wished to tell my mother. It has been a long time coming because I had to tell it through the right person. Debs is that person. It isn't a harrowing story, Mum. It's a story of TRIUMPH. It is the story of when I went through the 'Death Experience'. But while it is for my mother to know, it is also a 'story' for the other mothers who have lost children - children who have passed through accidents, illnesses, even catapulted into spirit - whatever their passing. For all that happened to me is similar to that which happens to all children who go through the 'Death Experience'.

It is not horrific. It is not negative. It is not nasty. It is magical, mysterious and wondrous. It is the Truth, Debs, and that is worth knowing.

Mum, this is the tape that has been promised to you. I'm sorry it has been so long in coming but I hope it will help and will have been worth the wait.

I knew from the very beginning that I didn't have long upon the Earth plane. As a child I had the knowledge that I would not be with you and Dad upon the Earth very long. You ask how I knew. Well, I don't really know how I knew - it was just knowledge deep inside me. I knew it as surely as I saw the sun in the sky and the moon at night, surrounded by the stars. I just knew it. I now know that you also knew it Mum. From the very beginning you knew I didn't have long. John, Deborah's guide, has explained to an extent why you knew - how you knew. That knowledge is still very hard to bear, but you did bear it. The strain of that knowledge alone was extremely hard for you. You see you had to live your daily life with us as boys and you also had this awful knowledge. Because it was awful then, because you understood none of the divine laws of life to put the knowledge into context. And even if you had, would you have been able to accept it? I think not. Or it would have been very hard. I know that during the years that you raised us - my brothers and me - upon the Earth plane, you must have felt a bit like a 'single parent', for Dad was away a great deal. If he wasn't away, he was preoccupied with his business. He gave great thought and strength and understanding to his work, and he had to an extent to provide for us, but at the same time perhaps he sought refuge in the world he understood whereas at times he was bewildered in the world of our lives. For I think he felt sometimes a little out of his depth perhaps, in the demands of the life that children place on individuals.

I know that you had a very long, lonely time of bringing us up, the three of us, three boys I mean. I think anyone can understand how difficult that can be for one lovely lady. But you did it, Mum. Not only did you do it, you did it very well. But I know now - I didn't know then - because as children, we don't - but as adults we realize that our mothers are not just our mums, they are people too in their own right. I know now that you made great sacrifices for us in your life. You didn't do a lot of things that you perhaps could have done, or wanted to do, because we came first - we were the commitment - your children, your husband, your home, and I know that probably there is still within you that question mark as to what it would have been like if you had followed your singing career then. Well truly, Mum, I say to you that the singing you have yet to do will be greater than any you could ever have done before because it will come from a much deeper level. The lyric of the song will be expressed through the great traumas that you yourself have been through. And it will reach out to touch the souls of an those who have been through similar traumas and those who haven't even been through any traumas will be moved by that music and your song. It is very hard for us to imagine it is so, but truly I say, Mum, it is. And in the years which are to come you'll understand. It will be easier to understand.

The memories of my passing are quite vivid to me. The last days of my passing, the last days of my life on the Earth. My illness came upon us suddenly as if we were unprepared, and yet basically, I had always been prepared. Towards the end of my illness, it was the tiredness which defeated me most. The awful, unbearable tiredness, and that you know is what I remember most about my last days upon the Earth. The endless tiredness, and the grief and helplessness of you and my father, but most of all you. The bewilderment and the trauma that happened to my brothers. I can remember looking at you all and wanting to tell you it was all right. I knew, I understood it was going to be all right. But my tiredness overcame me so many times. It's hard, but that's the way it was. During my last days upon the Earth I saw the lights of spirit you know. I saw them many times upon the walls. I saw figures, beautiful figures. I saw figures clothed in white and great shining light that told me my time was not long, but not to be worried because they would be with me. There would be no terror, no horror, nothing nasty and no darkness. It would be all right - they would be there. I know that it has always hurt you that you were not there beside me when I left my Earth life. Please Mum, I wish you would now stop blaming yourself for that. For you do blame yourself. Please don't. There is no need. I never died alone you know. None of us dies alone. We have the people in spirit, from spirit, come to take us across the divide between two worlds, and this, and how you cross it, is very much what I would like to talk to you about now.

I can remember the light of the Earth growing dim to my eyes. I can remember this awful, awful tiredness. It was the tiredness which I suppose really got me in the end. The endless tiredness. You know before I was always very lively, very very lively, I was climbing trees and always falling out of them and you used to get quite alarmed about it. I was always very inquisitive and into everything. The reason Mum was because I didn't have long. I had a lot to find out. That's the reason. But towards the end the tiredness became so great that I could hardly move one foot in front of the other. Well you know that, and towards the very end I couldn't walk, I could hardly move. Sometimes the treatment - in many ways the effects of it - was sometimes worse than the illness, and I know that you blamed yourself for that as well. You wondered whether it was right to subject me to the treatment when you knew, deep down inside, that there was no cure for that which I had. That I was going to die. Well Mum, all I can say is that you did what you had to do. You did what you felt was right and it was very right that you should have done it. So please don't blame yourself for that, there is no need. You take guilt upon your shoulders when there is no need for guilt. You did what any mother upon the Earth plane would have done. You did what you could to prevent what you knew as inevitable. But any Earth mother would have done it - it is a fact. Ask Debs if you don't believe me. She's a mother. If she'd had a choice of trying to save Catherine, she would have tried anything to have done it. She would have even traded her own life for Catherine's, but she wasn't given that choice. I know that you would have traded your own life for mine if you had thought it would have made a difference. But of course it wouldn't have done because it was not your time to go, it was mine.

As my body withered in front of your eyes, my soul became stronger and made ready for the journey that it was to go on. You know, there is one person who stands out in my mind because it is one person who took me between the two worlds of Earth and Spirit, and at the very end of my life upon Earth I awoke and there was darkness all around me. But there in front of me stood the most beautiful, beautiful lady and she was very beautiful, Mum. She was dressed in a long blue robe and upon her head she had a long white ... not a cloak but like a sheet. Very much like the robes the Jewish ladies used to wear about two thousand years ago. Her name was Maria and when she spoke, she spoke in such a lovely voice Mum, it was as if in her voice I could hear the sound of waterfalls and tinkling bells. Truly, that was her voice. It was so magical and so lovely and around her there shone a great light and she had a most beautiful smile upon her face and she came forward to me and she said, 'Come on Russell'' and she held her arms out to me - her arms outstretched - and said, 'Come Russell, come with me. It is time for you to go. It is time for you to come with me, to leave this Earth and come back to your true home.'

I asked about you and about Dad and I said, 'I would like to say goodbye to Mum or Dad,' and she said, 'That is not necessary, not now. For you will not lose them and they will not lose you, and we will bring you back many times to see them so you will not have lost them.' And she said, 'Come, Russell, come. Come now.' I said, 'But I cannot move. I am so tired.' She said 'Move, move Russell, try to move,' and of course I tried to sit up and Mum, I could sit up! I could! I could sit up, I could swing my legs off the side of the bed and could wriggle down on to the floor and I could walk towards this beautiful, beautiful lady. I looked round and I looked behind me and there was ME. I was lying on that bed and yet I was standing here just the same as I was on the bed - like a mirror reflection really - beside this beautiful, beautiful lady, and I looked at me that was and I looked at the beautiful lady and I looked at me that is now and I just didn't understand. She smiled because she could read my thoughts you see, we didn't need language any more for in spirit, as you think it so the person you think the thought to, hears it - picks it up - like a kind of telepathy on the Earth. That's the way we communicate. We have no need of language. So we think - so we know against mind to mind. I looked at her and she knew and understood my perplexity. She smiled and laughed and she gathered me up into her arms. I felt so happy - so free - because I wasn't tired any more. There wasn't any pain. There was none of that awful, awful tiredness. I was as light and free as the wind and it was wonderful.

She then said to me as she held me in her arms, 'Now Russell, we're going on a journey.'

I said, 'But I'm very big. Are you sure that you can carry me on the journey?'

'Oh yes,' she said. 'I can carry you.' You see, I was quite big, wasn't I Mum, for my age and she was only a ... she was a lady, but not a particularly tall lady. In fact there seemed to be something very gossamer about her to me' and yet that lady picked me up in her arms as if I were a feather. Of course I know now that I was, because the power of her love picked me up. The power of her love held me close to her in her arms and Mum, we went on the most extraordinary journey I have ever known. Or had ever known up till then. For you see, this beautiful lady walked through the wall - through the wall and through all the solid objects and I went all through the solid objects with her. We walked through the walls - we just walked! Slowly, as we walked, I noticed that she was making me laugh and she was making me feel happy and free and full of life. More full of life and happier than I'd ever been for years upon the Earth because I was free of the great burden of this knowledge that I was not long to stay. Do you know, she lifted me up and we walked and at first we seemed to walk upon the Earth, but as we walked I noticed that we were leaving the Earth. We were literally leaving the surface of the Earth, so she was walking on air and we were just walking! She was walking through space! She told me ... and I said, 'Where - where are we going? How can you walk through the air? I couldn't walk through the air!' I was, of course - at nine and three-quarters - very impressed with anyone who could walk in the air - you could imagine! I thought it was a wonderful trick and I told her so. She laughed - a beautiful, beautiful laugh. It sounded like a tinkling bell.

We walked and she said, 'I am walking on a path that no human eye can see, and soon we will be up among the stars and we will walk along the path where there is no path.' And do you know, this happened! We left the Earth plane far behind - we left the Earth far behind. We went up into the darkness of the night beyond the sun. We walked through the stars, and she saw a path - I saw no path, but she saw a path - and I said, 'Does everyone do this? "Oh yes,' she said, 'we all walk the path.'

Then I saw the light - a very small light - in the distance, and we walked towards the light and as we walked, the light ... the hole ... the light got bigger and I saw that it was like a tunnel. It was like a pathway through a tunnel and we had to walk through this tunnel, and at the very end of this tunnel there was a tremendous light and she walked on, and walked on and walked on, and others joined us as we walked. But I was so busy looking around, so busy staring at this lovely, lovely lady. I didn't really know who it was, but I recognized her, yet I didn't recognize her, and there seemed to be great joy. It was as if I'd come home, and of course I had. We were walking... she was walking ... she was carrying me in her arms and we went straight towards the light and we passed through that light - I suppose it was out the other side of the tunnel - and into this light, and into this light, Mum. My eyes were dazzled at first, but as they grew adjusted to this great light I could see things. I could see people. I could see other children. I could see other people that were beloved of mine on the Earth plane, waving, smiling, greeting. I found myself, Mum, in this most wonderful, wonderful garden and I can only ... well it was like a garden, it was like a cross between a garden and a parkland like you'd find. That's the nearest I can describe it upon the Earth. You know, it was a garden that was vast. It was like a cross between a vast garden and a vast park. It was so light, it was like a glorious summer's day, but it wasn't too hot and it wasn't too cold. It was just perfect and there was such love in this place - such love - and the love helped me. I felt stronger - I was getting stronger in this lady's arms, with all this love around me. I was getting stronger, stronger all the time and I struggled in her arms and said, 'Oh please let me go. Let me play over there. Let me explore all this wonderful place. Let me see where everything is.'

'No, no,' she said, 'Russell no. You must wait. You have been ill upon the Earth. We must take you to a place that will heal you.' Mum, this frightened me because the last thing I wanted to do was to go into another hospital. I'd had enough of those places and I struggled in her arms and said, 'Not a hospital,' and she said, 'No, it is not a hospital like anything you will find upon the Earth,' and it wasn't. She walked through this beautiful place - this beautiful garden - and she took me to a beautiful white pillared building. She was greeted by people who lived in this white pillared building that looked after the children of the Earth, that put them on the road to recovery after they had been ill. You see, if you'd been ill ... if a child has been ill upon the Earth plane, they are taken to the Halls of Healing where people who love children work with them and heal them from whatever physical or mental traumas they have suffered upon the Earth, and of course I had been through a lot of physical trauma hadn't I. Because of my illness. But it was nothing like the Earth. It was nothing like the Earth.

She took me into this beautiful white building - this lovely ... this other lovely lady came and greeted her and I fancied she bowed in front of this lady in the blue robe. It was a quick, instant thing, and yet I saw it in just a flicker - a fraction - and then everything was normal and the lovely lady with the blue robe put me on this ... on this lovely little bed and it was a really lovely little bed. Exactly the right size for me - it wasn't too big, it wasn't too small. The mattress wasn't too hard and it wasn't too soft. Everything was just right, and the mattress seemed to settle me down in it somehow. I didn't actually sink in it but it just seemed to settle round me, and do you know, it almost felt as if that mattress itself was giving off a healing glow and I now know of course that that is possible. This is just what happens and I understand now why but to me at the time, it was such a great source of wonder. And the beautiful lady who had carried me thus far, laid me down on the bed and very gently put her hand over my forehead and I knew no more.

And then I woke up again and I was still in this beautiful place and I was still in this bed and I felt as though I had only been asleep for a moment, but I had been asleep for a long while and I felt very, very much better. I felt strong again, like my old self, and I got up and the lady who looked after me ... she was sort of a round lady with sort of grey-white hair, and she had a cap - an old fashioned nurse's cap - and a lovely deep white collar around her. A long, bustly dress. It was lovely - and she was lovely - and she looked at me and she smiled and she had wonderful red, rosy cheeks like two red apples either side. It was lovely. She said, 'You feel better now, Russell,' and I said 'Oh yes, I feel tons better. I think I'll go back and tell Mum.' Mum will be pleased, I thought, that I was so much better. So would Dad. So would my brothers. She sat down on the side of the bed and took my hand in hers and said, 'No Russell, no. You can't go back now, but you will go back to tell them that you are all right. You will go back to tell them that everything is fine. One day, when you are stronger, you'll know more.' I was sad at this because I wanted to share all this with you, but the lady with the apple cheeks said that I would, one day. But of course I never understood. I was so much better and so much stronger that they let me, for a little while, go outside, and I went into a place like an orchard with loads of apples around and I climbed a tree and instead of falling out of it, like I often did, I just seemed to ... When I jumped out of it I just seemed to float like a feather and when I swung on ... tried to swing on the branches of the tree, there seemed to be no weight so my arms weren't pulled as they were upon the Earth. Pull isn't the right ... it was just as if I was a feather. And then I wanted you. I'd run around, I'd climbed this tree. I'd tried jumping out of it and I floated out of it. I'd tried swinging on it and it just didn't feel the same as it was upon the Earth and I wanted you. Desperately wanted you, and I cried. I can remember crying and in an instant the beautiful lady in the blue robe was there beside me and she said, 'Russell, Russell, why do you cry?' and I just said, 'I want my mum,' and she sat down beside me and put her arm around my shoulder and put my head very gently on her shoulder and explained, very gently, that I had left the Earth and that I no longer lived with you and Dad and that this was my new home and I would have a new family to love, and to love me. But of course they would not replace my Earth family. They would just be another ... other people I could love. I found this very hard. I didn't want a new family - I wanted my old family. But she explained - this beautiful lady - that, though I would always have you, I couldn't live with you for the time being. I had to live, for a little while, here, but that I could see you whenever I liked for she undertook to take me back to see you. Then she said, 'One day you will go as free as a bird between this world and the Earth and you will spend a lot of time upon the Earth, trying to teach the people of the Earth about this world of love and light. I didn't fancy myself much as a teacher, Mum, and I told her. She smiled, she laughed as she always did, and she said, 'Perhaps one day ... one day you'll understand, little man.' and of course, I do now. I do.

But I also understood the grief and the pain you went through because, although I was in this other world, this new world of magic, beauty and light, I still sensed your grief. I still felt your pain - both yours and Dad's and my brothers. I could hear your tears and there are times you know when, as a child, I slept - well, we don't sleep as such, we dream. We sleep with our eyes open - that's the best way I can describe it to you - to regenerate our own resources. When I did do this, I could hear your tears. I could hear your cries. I could feel your anguish and you know, this is something that I feel that the parents of the Earth who have lost children should know. That their children DO hear and sense and know about their grief and it can make life very hard for the children. The children are protected a great deal of course from the anguish and grief of the parents. They have to be because otherwise it would be intolerable for them. They just couldn't cope with it because it would tear them apart. But they do hear. They do know. And, of course, they return unto the Earth plane to watch you - their parents - live your lives without us. We do return you know and I can remember, Mum, the first time I ever returned. Oh, you were upset. You were dreadfully upset. I think that was the time when you were beginning to grow numb inside. You wept. You wept. You wept. This terrible hurt. This terrible pain, and I co


uld feel every bit of it and I was there, dancing about beside you, saying, 'Mum, Mum, look, look, I'm here! I'm here! Look! Here I am. Me. Russell. I'm all right. Nothing bad's happened to me'. and yet you know, you couldn't hear me. You couldn't see me. Just occasionally you would react and I'd think, 'She's seen me. She's heard me.' Then you'd go back to your grief and you know what it was like Mum? It was like watching you through a glass. I could see you perfectly yet I couldn't make you hear me. I couldn't make you see me and I was banging on this glass and shouting at the top of my voice and this beautiful lady in the blue robe said, 'She can't hear you Russell. She can't see you. But that will pass. That blindness will pass and one day she will see you. She will hear you. She will sense you. You know Russell, there are already people upon the Earth plane - special people that we call clairvoyants, clairaudients, clairsentients - who can see us, who can hear us, who can sense us when we're near.' I said, 'Well, that's it. I want to go and see these people that can hear me and see me and sense me. I want to tell my Mum - and I want to tell her RIGHT NOW that I'm all right. Because I don't want to see her unhappy and I don't want to see my dad unhappy. I don't want to see my brothers unhappy. I want to tell them RIGHT NOW that I'm all right!' Again this lovely lady laughed and it was the sound ... it was like the sound of a tinkling bell, and she said, 'You will Russell. You will do all of these things you are asking to do now. You will. But not immediately. We will find channels for you and ways for you to communicate with your mum and your dad.'

I think that's when I made the choice that I wanted to work with people called mediums - whatever they were -'cos I didn't know what they were when I first passed. Didn't have a clue! But I think that was when I first wanted to work with these strange and weird and interesting and wonderful people that this beautiful lady in blue called mediums. Well, I think you know that I DID work through mediums. But before I was allowed to do all that, I had a lot to learn and when children pass, they are not automatically shown the consequences of their Earth life as adults are, and I think that's the difference between children that pass and adults that pass. They are sheltered you see. They are ... they have still to grow into spiritual maturity just as they would in their Earthly bodies, upon the Earth plane, and what many people often forget is that when a child passes at a young age, there are many experiences that they would have found on the Earth which, had they gone through the normal childish growing-up experience as a normal child upon the Earth, they would have experienced. But of course because they were never given that chance on the Earth, they DO go back down to the Earth to experience these things through their spiritual bodies, and children that have passed learn about the animals of the Earth because they go back to play with them and it's as simple as that. I mean, they DO ride with the dolphins, they do ride on the back of the dolphins. They do go to the streams and play with the fish in the water. They do run with the lambs in the field. They do play with the butterflies in the meadow. These spirit children do do all of this. They play with the water upon the Earth because it is an interesting medium and a substance which you cannot... it's hard to duplicate in spirit. Although we have spirit streams and spirit pools in the spirit world, they are not the same as those upon the Earth, you see. So we have to go back down as children to experience things which perhaps we MAY have experienced as children upon the Earth. But of course, also in our spirit bodies we can move much more freely on the Earth as spirit children. More freely than we could have ever done as Earth children. I mean, we can go and see Disneyland - and I went. I mean I went to see Disneyland. I wanted to see Disneyland and I went to see Disneyland when I was ten and I was taken there. But it was not so magical as anything that I'd found in my new world. You see, there was this ... this was a learning experience I had to learn - the difference between TRUE magic and manufactured magic. The true magic you find in the Summerlands, and of course my journey along the path where there is no path, through the stars and down the tunnel took me to the Summerlands and I was in the Summerlands and I made the journey - the journey that we all have to make. But when you pass as a child, it is not then that you go into the great Halls of justice to learn or to evaluate your life upon the Earth. You don't do that as a child. That comes later, when you reach maturity and a level of understanding. Where you can understand the significance and the consequence of your Earth life and all that's happened since. And the consequences and significance of all the lives upon the Earth that you have led previously. As a spirit child, you don't have to go through that when you pass because you're not ready. You're immature. You are as a child and a child passes from the Earth into spirit and goes to the Summerlands as I did. They are not changed. They don't automatically become beings of infinite knowledge and wisdom as I think many on the Earth believe they do. They don't. They have to go through the learning experience and the growing-up experience just as they would upon the Earth you see. So it's good to remember that.

The baby castles are wonderful - the baby castles are where the babies live and they are wonderful ivory fortresses of light, protected by great powers of light. You see these baby castles have to be protected from the negativity of their own parents' grief often. That's probably a very hard thing for parents to accept, but they can, in fact, hurt their children and hold up their progress in the spirit world by their grief and the negativity of that grief. That's very hard. If a mother continually yearns for her child to return, that child will find it very hard to settle in the new world it finds itself in and will be continually drawn back to the Earth. Now, the child will come back to the Earth of its own accord to visit its parents. To visit the Earth plane as such. To familiarize itself with the Earth plane and to fill in all the bits it missed out on the Earth plane. But to be drawn back before that child is ready can be very damaging to the child. So you see my friends - my dearly beloved mother, grief can sometimes be... well, grief is always - I'm afraid - selfish, and I know probably you are going to hate me for saying this and it's going to be hard for other parents who have lost children to accept this as a reality. But grief is basically selfish because nothing negative or bad has happened to your child. In fact, quite the reverse. When a child passes, it passes into a wonderful controlled environment of love such as nothing you have on the Earth plane, and that child is given the ultimate protection through each stage of its development. There is nothing negative that can touch that child because nothing negative is allowed to touch that child. They WILL, of course, learn in due course about negativity - they have to learn about that. You have to understand the darkness before you can understand the light. No - that's not quite true, but to fully understand the true consequence of the light, you have to learn that there is another side, and that is the dark side. But they will never be touched by it you see. They don't have to go through that. They have to make other choices as they reach spiritual maturity just as children upon the Earth who reach maturity have to make choices. But they don't have to struggle with life as the Earth children have. They just don't. I mean, we have no poverty here. We have no child abuse here. Children aren't murdered here because you cannot destroy the soul and they are spirit children. It is a very different world. Children are treated with great compassion and understanding here and if a woman loses a child through miscarriage or through abortion, the spirit of that child leaves the mother's body and goes to what we call the Incubation Hall where children, who are born upon the Earth prematurely and leave it suddenly, go into this place to finish their maturity. To finish the spiritual growth they would have attained within the womb of the mother. Then, when the time is allotted that they would be born upon the Earth, they come out of that place and they then go to the baby castle.

I [Deborah] had to finish this tape abruptly at that stage - at the baby castle stage - because my own daughter, Diana, was proving restless and I had to come out of trance and deal with Diana. I wasn't able to come back to this tape to complete it until tonight, which is now the early hours of 16 August. I began this tape at the beginning of August. So there's been quite a time-lapse between the two parts, but they tell me in spirit that now the time is right to finish this tape for you and I hope it will be finished tonight so that I can give it to you very shortly.

I would like to open with a prayer: Divine and loving Father God, divine and loving Spirit, help us all to work for the light and to work in love and fellowship and understanding to spread the knowledge of the light.

Hello Mum. I'm back. Once again, Debs is in a very very light trance. She has to be because she's working alone and she still has responsibility for her Earth children while they sleep, but spirit will also keep an eye on them while they sleep, while she works for us. This is a light trance tape and I know she's very worried because it is so light, but I think you will agree by now that the contents are not light and I hope that by now it will have rung a lot of bells in your soul. I got as far as the baby castles didn't I. Well, let me just say that at a year, the babies leave the baby castle and they can then live in a family unit in spirit. Very much as they would upon the Earth plane. But this family unit that they choose to live in does not necessarily have to be made up of relations of the Earth plane, or relations that they were related to on the Earth plane. It can be any unit which feels the mother/father love for them. It does not necessarily mean they have to be blood-related upon the Earth. They just have to be spiritually related in love and fellowship and understanding and that is how and why I was able to adopt Cathy. Cathy and I are not related by blood but we are related through spiritual understanding. That, I think, is very important for people upon the Earth plane to understand, that it is the spiritual bond which is the strongest bond of all. It is the bond of love, the caring bond which is the strongest. It doesn't really matter who you're related to or who your Earth family are in the terms of kith and kin. It is your spiritual family - those that make you feel loved and beloved. Those are the people that are your true family, and at the end of the day you know, every human soul is brother and sister to one another. We are all one big family. It does not matter what language the human soul chooses to speak upon the Earth. It does not matter what colour skin the human soul chooses to wear on this particular voyage of understanding which they call life. It really doesn't matter. We are all brothers and sisters - we are brothers and sisters of the spirit and we are also kith and kin to the people, or the souls, that already live in the Summerlands.

So the people of the Summerlands and all people of the Earth are brothers and sisters and any vessel that contains the divine spark of life is also our brother and our sister. So our friends in the animal kingdom are our brothers and sisters also, and when we harm another brother or sister, we harm ourselves. Whatever injury or cruelty we inflict upon a brother or sister, we do worse to ourselves. We coarsen our own souls by cruelty; by misuse; by manipulation; by exploitation. Anything that we do to our brothers and sisters that is negative, we coarsen our own souls by those actions. But anything that we do that is positive to our brothers and sisters we enrich our own souls and we grow by that deed and that is how we develop spirituality - to work for one another upon the Earth plane - and also in the Summerlands. To work one for another. One continuous chain. One continuous bond. One continuous circle. All life is circular. Our future is but the past, entered through another door. Our future is but the past relived with greater knowledge, greater understanding, because we have evolved that much more through spiritual growth.

I think now it is time to speak a little of the other lives, Mum, that we have lived upon the Earth - you and me together. For you and I have lived lives before upon the Earth. You once lived in Egypt and you worked in the temple and you were a High Priestess in the temples of Egypt. Hard to believe perhaps, but true. Then we knew one another, you and I. I was your son again but in that life you could not acknowledge me as your son because a High Priestess of Isis was not meant to have any children. But you did. That child was conceived in love and fostered by a family you knew and trusted and I was that son and you were my mother and you were a High Priestess of Isis and you were very powerful. But you could not acknowledge me as your son in that life - not publicly. We met in private - a few stolen moments in one lifetime. But you and I did, my dear mother, once long ago walk upon the banks of the river Nile and you instructed me then on the great mysteries of life and the great mysteries of spirit and in the great wonders of the Summerlands. All of this you did for me.

In another life, my dear mother, you were a Jewess and, once again, I was your boy. But I was not your son through birth this time. I was your son through adoption. You were barren in that lifetime and yet you loved children and I was the son of someone you loved greatly and you adopted me and you were my mother and we walked - yet again - as mother and son.

I am not going to go too deeply into those lives that we knew together because they are not so important as the life you live now upon the Earth. This life contains the composite knowledge of the lives you have previously led. It is this life - the one you live now - which is important and it is the life I live now in the Summerlands which is of the greatest importance. Sometimes, if we delve too much into previous lives before we are ready to, we can get distracted and lost in those previous lives instead of concentrating on the life we have to live now, and that would be a mistake. That would be a mistake for you and it would be a mistake for me. I am only mentioning it because I want you to understand the bond that goes deep between us.

Now I know there is a great deal spoken upon the Earth about reincarnation, I will tell you of reincarnation as I have learnt about it - as I have come to understand it. Not all souls reincarnate time after time after time. You choose to incarnate into another lifetime upon the Earth plane. You do if you choose to. You have a choice. Always. Always there is the choice of freewill. That choice is never taken from you. So when a human soul passes into spirit and becomes acclimatized to spirit, and the time comes when the time is right to learn the next stage, the next thing in their own particular voyage of discovery, they can choose whether to incarnate again upon the Earth or whether to continue to live in spirit and learn from that side about the next stage of their development of spirituality. The choice, Mum, is theirs. Always theirs. It's not a choice that is foisted upon them. If a human soul does not wish to reincarnate again upon the Earth plane, they need not. But if they choose to, then they do. That is how it is. So you have souls in different stages of development walking upon the Earth plane. You have old souls. You have young souls. And you have all the stages in between. That is why it takes so long for the higher awareness to grow upon the Earth, because you continually have the young souls, the new souls, coming up from the levels of worldliness to the levels of spirituality. You have this continual progression, as well as the old souls choosing to return, to incarnate again, to light the pathway of the knowledge.

There are cases when souls are asked to reincarnate again upon the Earth. They are asked by the brotherhood to reincarnate to do, or carry out, a particular deed upon the Earth for the benefit of mankind and for the world's evolvement. For the world's spirituality, if you like. There aren't many of these, but when these souls do reincarnate upon the Earth they have a specific duty. A specific task. A specific destiny. Apart from that - and again it's their free will, if they choose to return - even though they are asked to return, they don't have to. The choice is still their own because freewill is never taken from us. It is the first divine law. We are born - each and every one of us - with the right to choose the path we tread and the way we take.

So reincarnation does not happen willy-nilly to everybody. If the soul chooses to reincarnate, they do, so they can. That way is open. But if they choose not to, if they choose to study the divine laws of life in spirit then that is their choice and that is what they do. So what is this thing called 'life' upon the Earth? Really Mum, it's like a school. The Earth is the home of no living soul. It is more like a school - a university - with tasks to complete, exams to take, and each exam gets harder. Each test gets harder. But if you pass, then you evolve. It's as simple as that. It is basically a school - a university. Some people call it the University of Life and that is truly what the Earth life is. The University of Life, and you are there - each and every one human soul upon the Earth is there to evolve their own spirituality. Their own level of understanding. And there are souls in the Summerlands that are working towards that end also. So we learn. We all learn. The people upon the Earth that live the life on the Earth are learning. So are the animal souls and so are the souls in the Summerlands. So it is only right that the interaction should be great between the two. It is only sensible. But so many people misunderstand what this interaction is and what this interaction is all about.

Though Debs has always been taught about the reality of reincarnation as far as spiritual law is concerned and as far as the divine laws are concerned, she has always had great difficulty coming to terms with reincarnation herself. She is about to enter upon her own quest of understanding regarding reincarnation. I will not go into the 'hows' and the 'whys' and the 'wherefores'. but Deborah will shortly once again encounter a soul that she has known before in previous lives. She's already met this person once upon the Earth. She is due to meet them again shortly, and she will meet that person again and again because they began working together many lifetimes ago and there is every probability that they will end up working together in this lifetime as well. This is not odd or strange. It is following a divine pattern. A divine law. Their spiritual growth is progressing as it should. Though it may not at first appear that way, truly I say to you it is the way to progress' I am telling you this because it is important that you understand it for that which lies ahead. And much does lie ahead for you Mum, because it is no accident that this tape which you will very soon receive was compiled for you to coincide with 14 August, which of course is the date of my passing from the Earth.

So it is only appropriate really, when you think about it, that the Summerlands - the first of the Summerlands tapes (for this is only the first of the Summerlands - there will be other Summerlands tapes) should coincide with that particular anniversary of my passing. It's there ... it's here now to cleanse the final hurt. To make you cry those last tears that may begin as tears of grief but, hopefully, will end as tears of joy. And why? I will tell you why. Because from this day forth your own powers of mediumship, that have slept for so long, will begin to awake and once again you will begin to operate on a mediumistic level. You may laugh and you may shake your head and you may say, 'No, this is not possible,' but Mum, truly it is. I know, because I am going to be one of those who work with you. Me. Your son, Russell Byrne. There will be others, but I'm going to be one of them and I'm going to work with you and it will begin very shortly after you receive that tape. Your own mediumistic abilities will awake. Will begin to operate and you will begin, my dear mother, to operate on a mediumistic level. What has been happening to you recently has been a purging of the dross from your soul. A purging and a cleansing to prepare you for this moment in time. This moment when spirit will begin to use you and I'm afraid that has to be. We have to clear out the dross. We have to clear out all the pentup grief, all the pent-up emotion. We have to clear it out, Mum, to make you the pure channel for the light. And you are going to be a very pure channel of the light and it will begin almost immediately after you have listened to this tape for the very first time. You will listen to this tape many times but, after the first time, your mediumistic abilities will awaken. It will happen quite quickly, but don't be alarmed - that's all right. That is how it's meant to happen. If you were not ready for it, it wouldn't be happening to you. So don't be alarmed. Listen. Learn. See. And you will begin to understand.

You may think that what I have just said to you is impossible. Well, it's up to you what you think, Mum, but as your son I tell you truly, the third eye is opening and it will be wonderful. You will do a great deal of good, Mum. You have love and truth on your side and you have wisdom already. You have a great force within you and a great wisdom within you and it will be wonderful. There's no need to be frightened. There's no need to be alarmed. All of this will happen and it will begin to happen very shortly. And remember the 'rainbow song', Mum. What is it? Pink and yellow and green and blue. Orange and purple and red. I can sing a rainbow I can paint a rainbow I will be a rainbow for you. You are going to be a rainbow, Mum. You are going to be a rainbow for many. Remember, the rainbow is the symbol of hope. It's the symbol of God's promise of eternal life. The rainbow is for you Mum and you are going to sing a rainbow for many and it will be very good. I think you will find that very soon now the time will be right to publish this book and you know that that will be very soon now. After all, you have the story of my journey. You know now how it was for me. You will know more for you see, my dear mum, I was not long in spirit before I met someone very wondrous that you call Jesus upon the Earth plane. He talked to me and he told me much of that which was to be, and please believe when I say Jesus lives. He lives now and he lived two thousand years ago and he lives today. Jesus lives - and Jesus was one of the greatest clairvoyants, clairaudients and clairsentients, physical mediums and healers and everything all in one. He was one of the greatest that ever lived and he works today with his spirit brethren to promote the love and understanding that one human soul should have for another. So don't worry, Mum. You're in very safe hands. So am I. So is Debs. So are all of us who walk this path. We walk it in the light of Love, Fellowship, Understanding and Truth. So let the torch burn brightly, Mum, for you have been chosen to be one of the torch-bearers. The torch-bearers are those who go forth into the world carrying the torch of love and of knowledge, to light the road for other people upon the Earth plane who live in the darkness. You are one of the torchbearers.
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Beryl Davis said:

I to have read Gwens book and found it brilliant, the last chapter blew me away, It was a fall transcript from a tape of Russel speaking. Gwen personnally signed a copy of her book to me.
Gwen and I have spoken about her son and my daughters passings on many occassions.
I have been a personnel friend of Gwens for 37 years. And I have Gwen's authority to sell her books on her behalf.
Wed,13 Jun 2012,16:29:32 GMT

jan m said:

i have the book Gwen signed it for me, i now live in Australia and have read it many times. it gives me comfort and hope. As i lost my brother when he was 20 and would love to see him one more time. i visited Russell's grave, to see where he was resting. the book is just so honest and gives much hope to others Thank you Gwen
Tue,10 Feb 2009,13:15:25 GMT

Carly said:

wow, im totally speechless :O my sister died when i was 12, this has given me so much comfort, more comfort in 20 minutes than the years since she went ever had.
Wed,05 Nov 2008,19:53:09 GMT
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