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Seven Principles of Spiritualism

Date: Thu,11 Mar 2010

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Compensation and Retribution hereafter for all Good and Evil Deeds done on Earth

Today I am angry but a righteous anger is within me. As I came home from work tonight and catch up with the online news, (I will be careful with the language I use as there will be some of us with a sensitive disposition), I read about a Sheffield man, who cannot be named, was given a life sentence today after admitting his crimes against his own daughters.

As Spiritualist one of our principles clearly state; Compensation and Retribution hereafter for all Good and Evil Deeds done on Earth As with all the other Principles, the natural laws apply and this one echoes the law of Cause and Effect (as you sow, so shall you reap). One cannot be cruel and vindictive towards others and expect love and popularity in return. It must be understood that the compensatory or retributive effects of this law operate now -on earth - they do not wait until we begin to live in the Spirit World. I have no doubt this man will suffer the consequences for his actions on this earth and in the Spirit World. As for his daughters I hope if it is ever possible they will heal in some ways and we must send out our thoughts and prayers when we can to them as often as possible.

What has riled me even more is that the authorities responsible for the care of the girls knew about the abuse for over 35 years! Yet not one person in authority has been reprimanded, disciplined, sacked or offered to resign! Sorry is not good enough – they had a responsibility – they failed – there is a clear case of dereliction of duty. I would argue the authorities are as guilty as the man involved in the heinous crime and I believe the principle of Compensation and Retribution hereafter for all Good and Evil Deeds done on Earth applies to them as much as the evil perpetrated by the father.
I will take time out this week for a special time of thought and prayer but I will also be looking to see how the Universe will deal with the individuals concerned who failed miserably to protect the girls.
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Wendy Stokes said:

They can't prevent it. They need to revoke the celibacy rule. I'm putting a post on my columnist site to follow up the subject of abuse by the church.
Spring greetings to you and blessings on your work, Jeeves.
Mon,22 Mar 2010,09:02:39 GMT

Chris Johnson said:

Hi Wendy, I feel one of the main things the church should do is investigate and expose how it was all covered up. I can understand a man being tempted, so many beautiful ladies on this earth, I am tempted every day; but the cover up is a planned attempt to protect their image/status; to tell lies; that is a very big sin. Who is accountable? Without investigating and being honest about all this, how can the prevent it in the future? How can they hold their heads up or be respected?
Sun,21 Mar 2010,23:32:41 GMT

Wendy Stokes said:

Anthropologists think that the human species is predatory (it has eyes in the front of its head). Humans might have killed off neanderthal man, and have certainly hunted to extinction and to the brink of extinction many hundreds of animals, mostly for sport. Though we are just an animal species, there is something about us that is special. We have access to a conscience and to reflect upon our actions, something that other animal species do not have as they are far more instinctual and less intelligent. It never ceases to amaze me that my dog has greater ability to defer gratification than some people! If there were no sanctions on behaviour, some people would be stealing, maiming and murdering all the time because they are what is called 'psychopathic' this means they have no reflection on their actions and do not know the difference between good and bad behaviour. Many New Age groups support, even applaud this concept. As someone recently said to me "there is no such thing as evil". One wonders why we lock people up in prisons to ensure other people's safety. Returning to your subject of the Roman Catholic priesthood, they should be excommunicated and made to pay personal recompense. I think it is an outrage that poor people put money in the church plate which is being used for payouts to people who have been sexually abused by a priesthood who have made vows of celibacy. Priests make a good income (they do not take vows of poverty) often have the grandest house in the village in catholic countries. They have a cushy job, a baptism, wedding, funeral, confirmation or communion, a visit to the hospital, etc. This is not a proper job for an intelligent adult man. There's a lot more I could say! Enough to say it is disgusting they have have not paid recompense. Most abusers are now in Africa!
Sun,21 Mar 2010,19:31:40 GMT

Chris Johnson said:

I do not fully agree with the forma comment, "US" should include the employed "Authorities" that are in place to deal with these matters.
We must all play our part, but how often do we hear Police did not respond or Police did not act? They are targeted at creating political statistics, not to do good on this earth, but it should override. Bring back Common Sense!
Sat,13 Mar 2010,14:34:06 GMT

marion said:

I do not watch the news as I will not participate in THAT reality. But I've heard of this case & share your angst.
HOWEVER, I will state that this & other cases of cruelty & neglect are a massive wake-up call for ALL of us to get our collective heads out of the sand & take a responsible & caring look at what actually goes on in our neighborhoods!
Insted we hide behind our collective net curtains, adopting the 'keep my nose out of their business' attitude, whilst putting most of our attention on the hi - def black box in the corner.
I've said this all along to those who will hear - stop blaming the govt, police, social workers - in fact ANYONE in 'authority'
who we rely upon for our governance. The total responsibility lies with you & me - US. We are all the 'authority' we need to ensure this will not happen again. When we claim back our streets - & actually care about every single person in it, that will send a VERY positive energy out which will ensure that this negativity cannot get a foothold.
The trouble is that the 'ordinary' man in the street has been encouraged to think like a powerless 'victim' - easy to believe when you watch the utter propaganda on the 6 oclock news.

"All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing."
Edmund Burke
And by 'good', I dont mean 'authority', I mean US.

Fri,12 Mar 2010,09:20:46 GMT
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