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Talk by White Eagle 'The Realm of the Masters' - Part One

By:White Eagle
Date: Wed,28 Jan 2015
Submitter:Adept Yogi

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Will you endeavour to cultivate the manner of thinking very widely and universally as we speak about the ideas of a Master? Do not try to put labels on people, and do not create idols of people, personalities. It seems to us that as soon as you confine the radiance of a spiritual being in a personality and you label him or her with a certain name, you are robbing that being of its true greatness, greatness which cannot be confined or limited to a human personality. There are some schools of thought who have found Masters, and they have named them, and people sometimes ask if these same Masters are the only Masters in the scheme of human evolution. And then again you will wonder who is your Master.

We do not want to confuse any of you, and we do not wish to upset your preconceived ideas about the Masters, but it is unwise for you to seek a particular personality in your Master. Do not think of your Master as being very remote from you, either. So many people do. He or she whom you call Master is a being who has freed him or herself from the bondage of human error and limitation. In other words, he or she is a Master over all human limitations.

We speak sometimes of the Lodge of the Masters. We do not refer to a given building, a structure on the astral plane. We refer to a level of consciousness from which all Masters work. The Master Mind is one mind, and therefore there is no separation on that level of consciousness. All work in absolute harmony, and the motive of the work is to given forth wisdom, love and power to all creation of the Earth. When a soul reaches a level or plane of consciousness in which it can comprehend the wisdom, love and power from the Master, it naturally becomes at one with the Master. There must be a point of contact, and if a soul is vibrating 'down here', it is missing the vibrations 'up there'. But when the soul had raised its consciousness to a higher level, automatically it is in contact with the Masters...or with its own Master. What does it matter? All are one.

People are accustomed to thinking of the Master Jesus as the Master, but there are other souls who have evolved through Earthly incarnations to the Mastership. You too, are half-way towards the same goal, and that is what you are all consciously or unconsciously working for. It is your destiny. There are degrees of Mastership: we say degrees, but the actual meaning of the word is that it brings you to the one level of spiritual consciousness.

The great ones work under the guidance and stimulation of the Lord of the Sun, whom in your western world you worship as the Christ Spirit. These great ones of the Christ Circle who descend to the Earth, stimulate in people and in the Earth Itself, this divine Light. We would have you get a more universal idea of this force, this light, this life. You are so limited and cramped in your conceptions. You sincerely strive to realise this spiritual power, but it is at present like pouring a volume of pure water through a very small channel. Much of this life-force does not succeed in entering the human channel. It overflows, but it is never wasted, for it returns again in due course to the centre from which it flows. Thus there is a continual outpouring, continual return of this life, this light and power.

In summary, we wish that you might be very universal in your thought regarding Masters. Think of them as one, and when you have found that one you will see all, and in all you will see the one.


When we speak of those whom you call Masters, we know that you have many more questions. Are they very remote? Are you in contact with them? How many Masters are there in the heavens?

We will answer that last question first. Their number are legion. Masters are those souls who have, through love and self-discipline, attained Mastery over themselves. Because they have gained self Mastery, they have a degree of Master over the elements, over physical matter. Having won a degree of freedom, they can live and manifest on more than one plane, in more than one place at a time. They are unlimited by time and space. This power within them has grown and has risen into the centres in the head and they have received divine illumination. Compared with the limitation under which the masses of humanity labour, they are free. Not all of them pass beyond the Earth, for it is their joy to return sometimes to live in the physical body - or very nearly the physical body - in order to help the younger souls and those who need love and guidance. They walk by their side. They do not waste time or power, but live to serve God and human kind.*

There are many, many such beings. They are messengers to humanity, and every one of you is entitled to receive communication from them. They do not wish to be worshipped. They are humble and gentle brethren. In the past ages, countless souls have withdrawn from mortal life to seek the glories of the spiritual state and to study and to learn self-discipline. They have learned the secrets of the awakening of the sleeping beauty of the soul. These secrets are sacred and cannot be forced.**

They can only be discovered by the individual in the process of self-discipline, self-mastery, and through living the life as exemplified by Jesus the Christ, by the Lord Buddha, by the Lord Sri Krishna, Osiris, Mohammed, by all the worlds great Avatars, by the Indian Masters and their disciples - the path of selfless, loving service; the path of humility and gentleness; the path of knowledge.


The final test, the final experience of the Ascension of the Master into the heavens is the withdrawal of the higher self from the denser life and the transmutation of the bodily atoms so that the tangible or the materialised body which the soul is using becomes permanent; but not in the earthly sense - in the heavenly sense. This is called the state of Ascension, to which all Masters attain after the highest earthly Initiation.

The Ascended Master who has passed this high earth Initiation whilst functioning in his or her physical body so transmutes its physical atoms into light that he or she is caught up, so that the body seems to fade behind a cloud from the sight of earth people. Although they appear to have withdrawn from the world, they still live and move and have their being in a higher form, such as the ordinary person cannot conceive. But they can still impress you with their presence.

Do not think that the heavenly hosts who draw close are unconcerned with all the things which trouble you - bodily, mentally, materially. Every secret of your souls is know to the Masters. Those whom you call Masters work as one mind. When they descend to the level of humanity, each has his or her particular work to do, perhaps along a certain line dealing with a certain aspect of truth. At the highest level all Masters are as one, and the Master mind is attuned, is complete in the Universal Mind - where truth abides at the heart or centre, and radiations of truth envelop the whole universe and every individual life. We want you to understand that among all the great Masters there is complete harmony and at-one-ment. The voice of the one will speak through a number of voices and a number of individualities.


Let us also explain that the qualities of the Mother and the qualities of the Father dwell in all souls, and if a Master chooses the body of a mother or a woman, it is for a purpose; if he chooses the body of a male that is also for a purpose, because of either the gentleness or the love of the mother or the power aspect of the father. There must be women Masters (if you like to put it in that very crude earth language) as well as men Masters. Try to think of the Brotherhood as a brotherhood of souls. When you can enter the Lodge above you will find that all within are just brethren, with no thought of gender.

Now, let us gaze upon the perfect form of an Elder Brother - a Master. What is the impression made upon us as we gaze upon that perfect form? Oh, such gentleness, such sweetness, such love! Can you conceive the purity and loveliness of the Master Soul? Can you see the expression, shining with love - not weak or tepid - a love which can withhold as well as give? Now, hold this picture, my brethren....feel the wisdom, the tenderness, the gentleness of the Mother, together with the strength, the power, the courage of the First Principle, the Father. See therefore the dual soul, and see this soul with power to watch over all human kind. Almost impossible as it is for the human mind to grasp, we would indeed endeavour to convey to you this sense of loving care in which you live and have your being.***


We should like to speak to you on the topic, 'seeking the Master'. We might have said 'seeking a Master', bearing in mind that there are many beings called 'Masters', many Wise Ones behind, serving all humanity. But we have chosen to say, 'seeking the Master', in order to particularise, to stress your own Master. Do you know that every man and woman has a Master? Perhaps you are seeking the Master too; your particular Master.

The man or woman on the outer plane will say, and with reason, 'But why talk about unknown Masters? We cannot contact them. You tell us there are those who have actually met Masters, and have received teaching from them. But we know nothing of this. How can we know that they exist?'

Well, the remedy is in your own hands. You have the power to find your Master for yourself, and can in due time actually meet and converse with him or her while you are still living in the physical body.

In the schools of the mysteries, both past and present, the injunction is always given to the neophyte, the young candidate: 'Go to your Master, he or she will instruct you.' In the temples of old, the pupils were trained by their Masters, they sought their Master. The difference between now and then is that of old there were temples specially built for the purpose of spiritual training. You see their remnants scattered over the lands of Egypt and India.If you have visited them, you will be aware of the power which permeates the spot. You need not go to Egypt, however, or to India, since in your own abbeys and monasteries you may feel the sacredness, the power, the peace and harmony which permeates these places. It was here that the young candidates, the young priests, sojourned: and learned the wisdom of the ages from their Masters.

To prevent confusion as to who your Master is, let us explain that there is one master mind, or one plane of conscious life which is known as 'the Master'. You will find no fundamental difference between the teachings of the various Masters, but each bears the hallmark of his or her status in life. He or she will be complete Master of Self, of emotions. He or she will have no fear, will know no sickness, will live to express the Father-Mother God in every act and word and thought.


No Master, we repeat, will contradict another; Masters do not give essentially different teaching. They do not vary; they speak always the same language: not the language of any one particular country, but the language of the spirit, the language of love.

One truth may be expressed through many Masters. But, although they do not contradict the fundamentals, it may be that they bring through differing aspects, or one particular aspect, of the Deity, of the Godhead. One person may express great power; he or she may be vibrating on the power aspect of God; and may then be found as a ruler among people. We are not suggesting that those in your governments are Masters! Rather that the power ray is one on which Masters may work for the wellbeing and upliftment of humanity.

Another Master, on the other hand, may vibrate to the ray of harmony, art and music. Yet another may vibrate on the ray of healing, and while possessing the other attributes of Mastership, may be concentrating on healing humanity. If your interest lies there, then it is likely that your particular Master will be on the healing ray. The Master Buddha was vibrating on the Wisdom Ray entirely: and his pupils, or chelas, found Mastership through Wisdom, through Contemplation, through withdrawing from the world, and following the Intuition, or the Wisdom of the stillness within.

The Master Jesus, by contrast, was the prepared channel for the Light of Love. The Christ which manifested through Jesus is the SUN of God. Do you understand? The Love aspect of the Deity manifested through Jesus in full degree, and found expression in action and service, thus supplanting the Power aspect known to the Hebrews as Jehovah. The word Jehovah Itself is a word of Power.

You will find your Master on the ray most harmonious to yourself. Leadership may be the ray upon which you are evolving; and through the Power growing within you - not of domination over others, but the Power to uplift and strengthen and inspire your brother or sister - you will find your Master. If Wisdom is your goal, the longing for Wisdom and understanding, then you will meet him-her on this vibration. If, to you, Jesus Christ is the ideal, you will find Him, through following in His footsteps and doing exactly as the Christ within inspires you to do.

The very gentleness and meekness portrayed in the four Gospels brings to you a picture of Christ. If you would meet Him face to face, strive in all ways to do and think as He would do and think. He would be gentle, loving and compassionate, and have humility. ''The Father that dwelleth in me. He doeth the works; not I'' You must attune yourself to the God-Life, and know that no thing in you is good except that which cometh from God. Do you feel this truth? ''....I and my Father are one.'' The Christ, speaking through Jesus of Nazareth, was brining through part of God....the Christ, or the Sun Aspect of God!

Which among you does not long to meet the Master? How many feel that if only they had lived in the time of Jesus Christ, and had the opportunity of those who lived with the Master Jesus, how much better they would be, how much greater their power for good! How much easier to follow Christ if we could but hear His voice!

Many look forward to the 'Second Coming' of the Master, and think how changed everything will be when He reappears. This is no new idea...the second coming. Do not think that the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Brotherhood, is the first time that the condition of Peace on Earth, for which you hope, has prevailed. Life moves in cycles. There is nothing new, in the whole of creation! Life is rhythm, a breathing-in and a breathing-out: an inhalation and exhalation. What is today, was yesterday; what comes tomorrow, also came yesterday. As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end! Study that phrase from your Christian prayers: Meditate upon it, and all manner of new thoughts will come: the veil will grow more transparent, and you will see the meaning of the future.


We seek the Master, our Master! For this brief moment let us forget all else. My Master! Say it to yourself; close your eyes and say, 'My Master'. Do you form a picture of your Master, or do you find it easier to visualise some picture of Jesus Christ and accept Him as your Master?

Never mind which. It is sufficient that you have a Master, and that you desire to know feel that intimate feel that you are immersed in the Master's aura.....that He-She knows you; and understands every struggle of your life; sympathises with every failure; looks kindly upon you, and has sympathy with your limitations and your intense longing for greater spiritual realisation. Your Master knows you as no soul living on Earth can know. He or she is part of you. Is this not a glorious thought? - inspiring, comforting, strengthening! Does power flow into your breast as you think thus? Of course! You feel your Master's power permeating your being; you feel its stimulation, and your whole body begins to tingle and vibrate. The vibrations are caused by the thought of your Master.

You hope to meet your Master when you leave your physical body. Do not be too sure - if we can say this without upsetting you. Unless you can recognise your Master here, begin to picture your Master in your imagination, you may not do so in the astral body. You may meet, but you may not know him or her. You may meet your Master tomorrow, of course, or even tonight; it is quite likely; but unless you have the ideal within your breast, you will not recognise him or her in another.

How will your Master appear? Listen! Your Master may speak to you through the lips of another, tonight or tomorrow. You must seek your Master. He or she will not run after you and reveal him or herself. Your Master will not say, 'Lo, I am your Master; follow me!' No; it is for you to find him or her and then to follow. It may take a long time but you can certainly meet him or her face to face in this day of life; and your Master can also speak to you through some book. You may hear and see him or her in some glorious sunset, or great piece of music, or in a lovely the message of a bed of flowers or in a pine tree.''


* Here White Eagle refers to those highly evolved Ascended Masters who have freed themselves from the necessity of Earthly experience and can now go forth into Interplanetary Existence or because of certain specialised abilities may chose to remain on Earth in order to be of Service, in the later case they are then given an Initiation into the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth, and return as Avatars.

** The 'sleeping Beauty' here refers, of course, to the Great Goddess Kundalini, which resides at the base of the spine until awakened by the Aspirant through the dispensation of Love, Self-Discipline, Spiritual Practices and so forth.

*** The Master is one who has contacted the Supra-Consciousness (which is above even the super-consciousness) which is a Dual Aspect containing both the male, creative and the female, preservative poles of expression.
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john holland said:

I for my part appreciated this as it complements and expands my existing understanding. I would be interested to leàrn more of what White Eagle understands of the lower realms of spirit , energies and entities, as well as those never of this earthand how theý too are guided by the high spirits. Thankyou. This is a highly worthwhile read. John.
Sun,01 Feb 2015,03:06:19 GMT
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