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A Closer Look At Miracles

By:Helen Hain
Date: Tue,23 Apr 2024
Submitter:Andrew Hain

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A Closer Look at Miracles

This article was inspired by a book produced by Summit Lighthouse entitled “Hilarion; The Apostle Paul Reborn.” I have had a life long interest in healing and would like to share my research in the hope others will benefit from it. I have trained as a Reiki Master but feel that healing courses do not delve deeply enough into the science of healing.

Who is Hilarion ?

Saul in the Bible was a Jew who persecuted those who followed Jesus’ teachings. Suddenly, he was blinded by divine light on the road to Damascus and was converted when Jesus, in spirit, reminded him of his true mission. He later received his sight, was renamed Paul and carried on Jesus’ work tirelessly for the rest of his life. However, because of the dreadful acts he had committed as Saul against Christians, including having consented to the stoning of St Stephen, he had to reincarnate to compensate for the negative karma he had accrued as Saul. Much can be read about Hilarion’s divine work on the internet.

Hilarion is now an ascended master and is Chohan/Lord of the 5th Ray of Healing, Science and Truth. Jesus, Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael are also on this Ray.

What are the Rays?

Put simply, the rays are God’s radiating white light which refracts into 7 rays resembling a rainbow with each one having its own colour and energy. This creative energy is available to all for healing if we raise our consciousness to soul level by means of prayer and meditation. We can then acknowledge our oneness with God and with each other and open ourselves to the healing light which permeates our whole being bringing balance and harmony.

Jesus Healing The Blind Man

The chapter on healing in the book was of particular interest to me. Hilarion describes Jesus healing a man who has been blind since birth. This story appears in the Bible in John 9:1-12 and tells how Jesus spat on the ground and made clay which he placed on the man’s eyes. He then instructed the man to wash it off and he could see for the first time in his life.

There are many explanations on the internet and these are worth exploring. I was curious about the clay and on research I discovered clay has many properties such as detoxification and balancing body cells. I then wondered if this cleansing enabled light to enter the body as Hilarion stressed that ultimately it is the light that heals.

What is the light?

We are all one with God and two attributes of God are light and love. However, we need to raise our consciousness to a higher level to experience these qualities which are within us to allow the light to interpenetrate our whole being. We can also immerse ourselves in the green light of the fifth ray.

Hilarion also explains that Jesus was an alchemist and had learned much in his early years in mystery schools. Such schools exist today to teach initiates ancient knowledge. These teachings were often given orally and are kept secret to prevent the mysteries from being corrupted.

We will return to the subject of alchemy later. Basically, alchemy was practised in ancient times and in the middle ages. Alchemists experimented with turning base metals such as lead into gold with the hope of gaining material wealth. Spiritual alchemy concerns transforming ourselves spiritually. This is transmutation which brings about a change to a higher level spiritually. We evolve spiritually as we take our focus away from our physical existence and desire for material gain. Peace, harmony and healing are thus achieved.

I still felt there was much more to Jesus’ healings and felt sad that so few churches offer healing services when Jesus spent so much of his time healing those in need. I could not accept Jesus’ work as miracles, which is what the church teaches.

What is a Miracle?

Jesus performed many miracles apart from healing. He calmed the storm when his disciples were afraid
being one such example. It is noteworthy that Jesus did not profess to be a miracle worker, and he considered these events to be perfectly natural. Indeed, he stated that whatever he did others could also do. However, the church seems to have ignored this.

Many now refuse to believe the church teachings on miracles. The church believes that these miracles proved the power and greatness of God, and were simply God’s power working through his Son Jesus. It is helpful to consider the meaning of ‘miracle’.

The dictionary meaning of miracle is ‘a welcome and unexpected event without a material cause’. The gospel of John in the Bible uses the word ‘sign’ instead of ‘miracle’. The word ‘sign’ has many meanings. However, one definition in the Miriam Webster dictionary states ‘a sign is something material or external that stands for something spiritual’. I believe this is a more appropriate word. Those witnessing Jesus’ ‘miracles’ were looking for physical evidence, and were unable to discern spiritually. The ‘miracles’ were intended to demonstrate the omnipotence and omnipresence of God and the powerlessness of material beliefs.

Jesus understood universal consciousness and our unity with God and all life. This is Christ consciousness and can be attained by all of us when we accept all life is one. It does not relate solely to Jesus, and is described in other religions as Krishna consciousness and Buddha consciousness. These higher states of consciousness are the means to healing.

It is widely accepted by many writers and spiritual teachers that everything happens for a reason, be it positive or negative, and all that occurs is governed by God’s universal laws. These laws provide lessons for our spiritual evolution.

Joshua David Stone, in his many writings, declared there is a reason for everything and there are no accidents as there is always a lesson to learn. A similar approach to miracles is found in Mme Blavatsky’s theosophical teachings where she states everything occurs within natural law. She had ‘ultimate disbelief in miracles or even the possibility of such’.

We therefore need to consider how healings occur if they are not miracles.

Healing Like Jesus

Still keen to investigate Jesus’ healings, my attention then went to two religious organisations which focus on healing. Sadly, there are not many churches in Britain although they are scattered around the world, especially in America. The two churches I am familiar with are Christian Science and Science of Mind although there are many others with similar approaches to healing. These churches do not believe their healings are miracles, but are every bit as natural as Jesus’ healings.

I have explored both of the above named churches, but Christian Science is the one with which I am most acquainted. However, I decided to learn more about both of them to understand more about how Jesus healed.

Christian Science

I am not a Christian Scientist, but have been aware of their healing from a very young age. My maternal grandfather was a Christian Scientist and received much benefit from treatments. My mother was not a Christian Scientist although she had an interest in the beliefs. When she passed away I took possession of my grandfather’s books including the Christian Science textbook.

I have, on various occasions, requested healing from different practitioners and remain very grateful for the benefits received. They were willing to treat me although I explained I was not a Christian Scientist. Christian Scientists do not take medication, but rely on prayer. I took no medication during treatments.
I never considered my healings miracles, but wanted to find out more.

As regards Science of Mind I have never had a treatment, but I have studied the textbook and their explanation of healing.

Christian Science and Science of Mind do not believe in a personal God, but understand consciousness to be universal and God/Mind to be omnipresent and omnipotent. Healing occurs as all life is one and the unity of life is the key to healing.

Christian Science: Some Basic Facts

Mary Baker Eddy (1821-1910) suffered a serious injury due to a fall in 1866 and by studying the Bible discovered the laws of spiritual healing. She recovered and was keen to re establish ‘primitive Christianity and its lost element of healing’. This led to the publication of her textbook ‘Science and Health with key to the Scriptures’ to show Jesus’ healings were not miracles but based on understanding God’s laws.

Christian Science treatments are based on the spiritual nature of God, and that we have been created in the image and likeness of God. Hence, we are spiritual and perfect. It is our thoughts that require changing, and all healing is mental. Paul in Romans 8:1-21 in the Bible reminds us that ‘the carnal mind is enmity against God’.

Christian Science prayer treatment is not wishful or positive thinking, but acknowledges the omnipotence and omnipresence of God. It is based on the teachings of Jesus and applying God’s laws. The textbook has chapters on Prayer and Christian Science Practice. Affirmative and scientific prayer align the individual with the universal wholeness of God. Eddy believed others could heal like Jesus. Healing occurs no matter the distance between client and practitioner.

It is interesting that Hilarion states he inspired Eddy as she was writing her text book and gave her revelations. This is not something she would have believed, but the ideas she received were obviously put to use. I have read elsewhere that Jesus and Mother Mary also inspired Eddy. This does not surprise me as they are also on Ray 5 like Hilarion.

Although Eddy stated her teachings were based on the Bible I have just come across an article on the internet entitled, ‘Christian Science and Vedanta’, published by The Vedanta Society and the truths therein were known long before the time of Jesus. In early editions of “Science and Health” Eddy quoted passages from Vedanta philosophy, but since the publication of her 34th edition of “Science and Health” these quotes have been omitted.

Eddy’s teachings are based on Christianity whereas Vedanta is based on the teachings of many spiritual teachers such as Krishna and Buddhism.

Although there are many differences in the teachings of Christian Science and Vedanta, there is much in common. The article praises Christian Science as a ‘well organised movement’ and states that, ‘Christian Science has rendered a great service to humanity by demonstrating the power of mind over the body and the power of spirit over matter’. It further states that like Vedanta it has ‘brought health to many diseased bodies and rest to many diseased minds’.

This is a reminder that all religions contain fundamental truths, and it is our responsibility to identify those and put them into practice.

Science of Mind

Ernest Holmes (1887-1960) founded the Spiritual movement ‘Religious Science’ which was part of the New Thought Movement. His philosophy was known as ‘The Science of Mind’, and his text book, ‘The Science of Mind’ was published in 1927. He was well acquainted with Mary Baker Eddy’s teachings and her text book. He, too, believed in healing through affirmative prayer and the power of the mind. Christian Science is based on the Bible, but Holmes studied other religious teachings. He understood they all contained the same basic truths, and that all paths lead to God.

The text book contains information on a wide variety of topics, and can be dipped into. He gives detailed examples of different forms of healing treatments, and is simple to follow. The book is over 600 pages and can be read on the internet. Also, on the internet is his article “5-step Spiritual Mind Treatment.” It is also helpful to read his short book on the internet entitled, ‘The Philosophy of Healing’. Holmes believed ‘there was only one miracle and that is life itself’.

The important lesson we can learn from Eddy and Holmes is to consider our mental state as thoughts govern our health. Changing negative thoughts to positive, loving ones has a huge impact on our health.

From a personal perspective I find ‘Science of Mind’ much easier to understand than ‘Science and Health’, possibly due to the fact Holmes was writing at a much later date than Eddy. However, both have their own merit, and the ideas are closely linked.

Karma and Reincarnation

Christian Science and Science of Mind do not mention karma and reincarnation, which are closely linked, Karma means action and is the law of cause and effect. Paul had to reincarnate as Hilarion to balance his karma. It is reckoned we all have at least 100 past incarnations. Karma can be the reason for many of our difficulties and health issues. Healers need to be aware of this fact. All forms of healing can assist us in realising that karma may be the root of the problems we experience. However, those dedicated to following their religious teachings such Christian Science and Science of Mind for example understand the spiritual laws and make a sincere effort to put them into practice. However, nobody is perfect, otherwise we would not have had to reincarnate. Healing will not bring benefits unless we make the necessary changes to how we live our life.

The Bible contains many pointers to reincarnation, but reincarnation was removed from the Bible to give the church more power and authority. The church teaches Jesus died for our sins, but we have to atone for them either now or in a future incarnation.

If Healing does not bring benefit we have to ask ourselves what changes we need to make. Keeping a spiritual journal can be very helpful for identifying what adjustments we need to make. By humbly accepting the ups and downs in life we can avoid creating negative karma and this assists in balancing our karma. Hilarion reminds us forgiveness is the key to healing as is understanding the Law of Oneness.

The Law of Grace

This law dissolves karma, but unconditional love must be extended to all who upset us as we are all one. Invoke this law and let go. As we bless others we are blessed. Even the Bible tells us that there is no limit to the times we may need to forgive. Joshua David Stone in his book, ‘Golden Keys to Ascension and Healing’ tells us, ‘The Law of Grace is learning the easy way and the Law of Karma is learning by the school of hard knocks’. He also states, ‘All karma is transcended by claiming grace’.

Science and Religion

It seems Eddy was ahead of her time regarding universal consciousness and the unity of life. Holmes was too although science had moved on a little since Eddy. Both believed, as Hilarion did, that science and religion are one, and Eddy had probably learned much from the study of Vedanta.

However, scientists today cannot agree on universal consciousness, and many believe consciousness resides in the brain. It is important to consider all beliefs and make up our own mind. I am not a scientist, but find the many scientific views fascinating. I am sure a time will come when all reach the conclusion that we are all one, and let go of the belief that we are separate from God, separate from each other and separate from all forms of life.

I hope the following quotes will encourage readers to consider their own identity and place in the universe.

There are many differing opinions among scientists regarding quantum physics and quantum consciousness. Max Planck, the father of quantum theory understood consciousness as ‘fundamental and matter as derivative from consciousness’, but many disagree.

Quantum Entanglement Theory.

This theory states that when two particles such as a pair of protons or electrons become entangled they remain connected even when separated at a large distance. Many believe this interconnectedness applies to all life in the universe and Hinduism has believed for thousands of years. The website ‘psychologicalcounsellingcenter’ has a helpful article entitled, ‘quantum physics and spirituality’.

The Observer Effect

Another important development in quantum mechanics is the ‘observer effect’. This shows that by watching something its behaviour can change. It has been found that the act of observation can alter the outcome of an experiment.

This relates to how our thoughts can relate to the world around us. When we understand we are possibly all connected it reminds us of the importance of monitoring our thoughts so that we can have a positive effect on others and on our environment. It is also important to protect ourselves from others’ negative thoughts and to maintain positive, loving thoughts to protect ourselves and others.

Einstein proved all is energy and this includes our thoughts, but most people are unaware of this. Remember the power of distance healing in treatments such as Christian Science and Science of Mind and how Jesus healed from a distance by the power of thought and understanding the unity of life.

Pritam Kumar Sinha has written an article entitled, ‘The Interconnected Worlds of Quantum Physics and Spirituality’. He explains how quantum entanglement suggests a fundamental interconnectedness that exists throughout the universe, and how this explains oneness and unity. This is the science behind Science of Mind and Christian Science as well as other spiritual teachings. He believes this can explain how quantum physics and spirituality have been different in the past, but are now connected. He also explains the observer effect which indicates how we influence the world around us by our thoughts.

Dr David Frawley has published many articles which can be found at In his article, ‘Consciousness, The Ultimate Power of Knowing and Healing’ he explains the Upanishads taught the unitary field of consciousness is within our body and mind, and stated ‘consciousness is the ultimate power behind all healing practices’. He also explains that conscious living and meditation lead to ‘purification and transcendence’.

Dr Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon, suffered a rare illness and spent seven days in a coma. During this time, although he had no religious beliefs or belief in life after death, he experienced the higher realms and was guided by an angelic being. When his health returned he understood there was life after death and is now devoted to teaching others that life is not the end. His books, ‘Proof of Heaven’ and ‘Living in a Mindful Universe’ give insights into the nature of consciousness and healing.

The references above are only a minority of the many articles on the internet relating to science and spirituality.

It is interesting that both Eddy and Holmes used the word ‘science’ in the titles of their respective religions.

Spiritual Alchemy

As previously mentioned, Hilarion emphasised the importance of spiritual alchemy. It is our personal responsibility to search for enlightenment by applying the spiritual laws in order to evolve to a higher level. It is vital to balance all our bodies physical, emotional, mental and spiritual which are all interconnected. Christian Science and Science of Mind emphasise all healing is mental. By taking our consciousness to a higher level we connect with the universal consciousness and the unity of life. As we learn to monitor our thoughts and change fearful thoughts to positive, loving ones we and others benefit.

There is an article on the internet which appeared in a copy of the Christian Science Sentinel entitled ‘God Governs The Weather’. It refers to the ‘miracle’ of Jesus calming the storm. Jesus believed it was his companions’ negative thoughts that had caused them to be fearful. Clearly this was not a miracle, but illustrates the need to recognise the need for pure thoughts and trust in the universal consciousness. Changing our thoughts changes our experiences and benefits our health and relationships. By keeping a spiritual journal we can monitor how we live each day, and understand what changes are required. Our article ‘Dealing with Difficulties’ will prove helpful, and has a section on Spiritual Mastery which is important for making positive changes. Our article, Balancing our Bodies and Minds’ will also give helpful guidance.

The Silver Violet Flame

Hilarion recommends using the Violet Flame for spiritual transmutation. It was available during the period of Atlantis, but was withdrawn when Atlantis sank. It was reinstated in 1987. It can be invoked by calling on St Germain and Archangel Raphael who are both on the seventh ray to transmute negativity and karma to a higher spiritual level. It can be sent to others for healing, and to bring harmony to relationships. Since 1998 the Silver Ray of Grace and Harmony merged with the violet flame. This Silver Violet Flame is for transmutation and mercy. Invoke it and visualise it blazing through your entire being and all around you. Use the following decree three times.
I am a being of silver violet fire. I am the purity God desires.

It is worth noting that the book refers to the Violet Flame and this is possibly due to the fact that Mark Prophet who channeled the material in the book died in 1973. New material is constantly being handed down by the ascended masters.

In the Christian Science Journal October 1957 Thomas Lovatt wrote an article entitled ‘The Alchemy of Spirit’ in which he refers to Page 422 of Science and Health. Eddy explains how raising our consciousness to a spiritual level leads to reconstruction of the body, and this transforming power of truth she describe as the ‘Alchemy of Spirit’. This is achieved in order by constant self awareness. We need to look to our soul for guidance which allows us to feel liberated and empowered, and we can then acknowledge unity with the Creator and all life.


This article set out to consider if Jesus’ healings really were miracles or if they were perfectly natural and could be explained by scientific means.

Universal consciousness explains how healing occurs even when client and practitioner are separated by a vast distance. Such healings occur every day throughout the world. There is a reason for everything and Jesus’ healings and other events can no longer be classed as miracles.

Scientists are not all convinced about universal consciousness, but experiments continue and perhaps one day we will reach the stage where universal consciousness and the unity of life is understood and accepted by all. In the meantime we each have to make up our own minds whilst striving to evolve spiritually.

As we take appropriate steps to evolve spiritually we then allow the divine qualities of love and light to penetrate our entire being, and as Hilarion says, ‘it is ultimately the light that is the source of healing’.
It is helpful to call on Hilarion and other Beings of Light as they are always willing to assist us, but we have to be committed and dedicated to playing our part. By understanding we are all part of universal consciousness we can do much to heal ourselves, and assist others as well.

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