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Harmony Through Conflict

By:Elizabeth Francis
Date: Mon,10 Aug 2020
Submitter:Elizabeth Francis

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From a spiritual perspective, whether the virus was man-made or not, COVID 19 is a global event of our own making thereby enabling its consequences to be repurposed by Spirit to assist human-kind to achieve a higher level of consciousness through gaining greater self-awareness. The fourth of the Seven Rays of Light is referred to as Harmony Through Conflict; it’s a path walked by those who seek self-truth, knowledge, and the understanding required to grow and evolve. Being the path of equalization, its premise is that of transforming imbalance into balance through extreme polarization, a process that’s governed by the Ascended Master Serapis Bey. With harmony being the higher influence, conflict refers to inner conflict and how, by raising and dealing with the issues causing it, inner contentment be found, and a more harmonic life led.

In the midst of the devastating loss experienced whether it’s due to that of a loved one, health, a job or a combination of all three, the ongoing uncertainty brought on by hot spots, concerns about a 2nd wave and the continued need for social distancing if the virus is going to be controlled, is distance. Distance is a very powerful, multi-faceted, and specialist tool that is bringing us to the rock face of who we are, enabling us to review our lives and the world within which we live. By doing so, it has placed the global population on the fourth path and the future waves of lockdown, shielding and self-isolation will give us the opportunity we need to rethink our stance as to whether we wish to embrace Harmony Through Conflict by accepting the grace Spirit offers to walk it, or not.

In real-time we are witnessing first-hand the influence of distance presently being experienced in both the workplace and at home by way of the fact that we must use our initiative, be more resourceful, independent and inventive if we wish to resume some form of semblance of a ‘normal’ life – a life reliant on the space between ourselves and others. By doing so, we are in fact creating a new norm derived from the different perspectives being experienced and from within which new opportunities that would otherwise never have seen the light of day, are slowly being revealed. Distance has also highlighted the fact that it can bring people closer together or provide the clarity needed to see that the only way to lead a healthier lifestyle and find happiness and contentment is to first disconnect from an unhealthy one.
Therefore, the changes taking place in the minds and hearts of people on a subliminal level is, as they wake up to the idea that COVID 19 isn’t a one-off tragic event, flipping the coin from a living a monetized society driven by extrinsic values to intrinsic ones, the core ethos of the mind, body and spirit movement. The profit-maximizing mantra of greed is good, where the bottom line took center stage is now having to share its limelight with the need for self-preservation and all that it entails – through social distancing and remote working - and whether the coin lands on its opposite side or not is up to each one of us as we all move forward.

On a personal level, we owe it not only to ourselves but to those who have passed to grasp this mantle of change by way of doing things better, making things fairer by looking after and taking responsibility for ourselves and the consequences of our actions. By doing so we are experiencing the transformative, healing power of the Fourth Ray which comes through being kind for kindness sake, caring for caring’s sake, and being compassionate for compassion’s sake for both ourselves and those around us.
The sentiments of the Fourth Ray is nothing new to all those working within the complementary and alternative wellness sector who are very well placed to help deal with the tsunami of grieving, traumatized people that are presently developing and due to hit the shores of mental and emotional support imminently. However, questions surrounding PPE and if it will block, taint or limit the pranic energy being raised to do hands-on therapy sessions, which usually involves breathwork, or whether channeled information received from Spirit will be distorted during a face to face psychic reading, are being asked. The answer is a resounding “no”, because both pranic/Spirit energies are what they do, which is to transform and transcend, and this Divine cosmic energy lies within each one of us. We are the living breathing representation of both prana and Spirit in their own right. If the therapist’s or psychic’s intension is pure whilst using their respective crafts the wellness session or psychic reading will not be diminished, in fact, the Divine cosmic energies may well be strengthened and amplified as a result. Only doubt and self-doubt can prevent transformation and transcendence, not distance and PPE.

However, the client may think otherwise and not wish to have a hands-on session or face to face reading. This is why it’s really important that both therapists and psychics who are not presently aware of the benefits and opportunities of the state of distance and add it to their spiritual toolbox.
The need for on-going social distancing has opened the door to the metaphysical world of distant healing and remote viewing; two crafts that have been practiced within the fringe element of the mind-body-spirit wellness sector for decades. Being of the mind, the state of distance is the mainstay of the psyche when creating reality and is an integral tool used by all psychics and healers. Furthermore, with a few minor physical adjustments and some major mental ones, both crafts, which are being used by those in the who "know", can be applied to all complementary and alternative health therapies.

Those who already work within the field of distant healing and remote viewing don’t consider they are working within the fringe of understanding. They already know that the metaphysical state of distance is the next step for human-kind to take because as individual therapists, they have already taken that step and are simply waiting for their time to come, and it‘s now. Through the medium of technology, computers and distant healing are literally a marriage made in heaven. The process of the temporary merging of the therapist’s and client’s higher-selves with the forces of directional, intentional thought, the piezoelectricity generated by the therapist’s and client’s bodies with that generated by the silicon housed in the computer, mobile or tablet they use enable distant healing to take place. The universal cosmic forces of Prana are directed by the intention and knowledge of the therapist using a true, personal physical representation of the client. They range from an astrology chart, a piece of paper with the client’s dob and signature, a Rae chart, a photograph or even a basic physical outline of a human body with the name, dob and signature on it, any of which enables the client to receive through their belief the pure, divine energy of the cosmos. This procedure can be adapted and applied to any therapy, it enriches and expands it and can be done anywhere in, on or around the client’s body through a computer screen or by simply intention, word, and action.

The challenge for therapists who work with core practice therapies is having the confidence to recognize they have the right to fundamentally adapt their craft to the times within which we live if they are going to save their business. Meeting this challenge is made easier by remembering that an example of distant healing is prayer. It has long been proved that people who believe in the power of prayer benefit from being prayed over as well as praying. The exact same benefits are derived from and experienced by those who receive distant healing. All this is made possible by the fact that at the end of the day, we are all cosmic energy even in this human framework and by acknowledging everything changes with time. These two ago old truths combined with the fact that distant healing is a prime example of a “rose by any other name” and remembering that within the eternal now such adaptions have already taken place otherwise they wouldn’t be coming to the fore now, is the key to embracing new ways of doing old things. So fellow complementary and alternative wellness therapists, it’s time to arise and shine within the new norm you are in the process of making. Stay safe.

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